Monday, March 1, 2010

Heat wave has hit Malaysia!

What crazy weather, wish I could take a swim near a cool waterfall..

Anyway, started work with my "new boss" today. Being on my own now, I hv the luxury of choice in how and when I go about doing my tasks, without the hassle of long meetings in between. Hence I try to clear all the admin tasks before noon, so that I can get back and hibernate in the house, in the shade and comfort of home. I can make sales call and fix appointments in the afternoon.

Oh, I stopped by the clinic again today, coz my night coughing has been keeping both ST and myself up for the past few nights. The cough syrup they prescribed makes me drowsy alright, but it still doesn't stop the throat from itching the minute I hit the bed. It was here in the clinic, while waiting for my name to be called, that I wish I am back in Hong Kong, in their winter season, enjoying dim sum and dumplings.

Gosh, it's a torture not being able to chill off with a cold drink or take any spicy food (coz my taste bud is dead due to all the lozenges) and the worse of all, no coffee for the time being.. :-(

Once I'm out of this coughing fit, I'm gonna be back with a vengeance, where food and drink is concerned, you can bet on that! Thinking of Baskin Robbin's rum and raisin ice cream now.

Oh, after dinner just now, I took a glass of "wong lo kat" + powder (with extra strength) cooling drink, from the herbal tea van in KK. Hmmm... some how psychologically I know that my cough is gonna disappear by tmrw.. :-D

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