Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mission accomplished!

Yay..!!! Managed to drag myself up onto the treadmill this morning. Wasn't easy, but hey, I did it and it feels great!! Chia yo!! Now to keep it up..

Started with a brisk walk today, since I've stopped for quite a while, and I didn't want to push it further since I've been on antibiotics and heavy doses of cough syrup.

I've been like a sleeping beauty this past 2 days, alternating between simple house chores and sleep marathon. Speaking of which, did anyone tell sleeping beauty that too much sleep is not entirely good for the body and mind? Going out into the country side and taking in fresh air will do her good. Uh... what was the reason why she sleep so much? I forgot..

Anyway, can I maintain a 3x p'wk treadmill session from now on, now that I will be working from home? Hmm... maybe I shld go back to my once a week yoga. It'll be good, to alternate between cardio work out and body stretching. Something to ponder over..

I am not going to take my cough syrup this afternoon, coz I refuse to allow my mind to wonder into dreamland without me realizing it, as what's been happening the past 2 days. But the heat is not really helping much..

zzzzzzzzzzz........... oh yes, where was I just now....? zzzz....zzz....zzzz............

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