Thursday, May 20, 2010

The golden number

Ever since I watched the show The Da Vincci Code, and having read the book, I’ve been fascinated to no end by the subject “the golden number”, which is the 1.618.

The golden number (the symbol is the Greek letter “phi” as shown above), is a special number approximately equaling to 1.618.

This number and ratio amazingly, seem to appear in all forms of our life and in the universe, such as

1)      In our design/composition (acoustic, architecture, art, colour, music, poetry, logos, marketing, etc) -
2)      In our life (such as human face, body, beauty, teeth, hand, foot, heart beat, body temperatures, animal, plants, etc) -
3)      In mathematics -
4)      In geometry -
5)      In cosmology (energy, solar system, golden ratio of earth, quantum matter, quantum time, universe, etc) -
6)      In theology
7)      stock market & foreign exchange, according to some 

If you wish to know what the golden number is all about, check out this site :

If you wish to know how the golden number affects all aspects of our lives, check out this site :

If all the above is too much for you, and you still have no clue what on earth is this “phi” number thingy all about, just like I had for a long time, then check out this site. It was only at this site that I understood further how the golden number works (for people who are math/figures challenged and impatient, he..he..) :

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