Saturday, May 15, 2010

An ant's quote

The Anggerik Aranda's community has been trying hard to garner support to have a 24x7 security guard at the entrance, manning the boom gate. Unfortunately, the support that came in wasn't enough to sustain the effort. We've finally been informed that the 24x7 security will end after May, and the guards will only be on duty at specific time. Does that mean I will have to be a self appointed security guard during the day time at my row of house from then on?

I really cannot understand some of the house owner's mindset and thinking. Here we are trying to boost up security within the area where we live, rest and sleep so that we could have a peace of mind for the family, and you have some owners having all sorts of thoughts about the security guards themselves. If you have no trust in others, how do you go about with your life out there, I wonder. And haven't the current 24x7 guards proven themselves this 1/2 year, as we haven't had any break-in at all? So sad that some people can chose to live in their own world, without a care about what's going on around them.

In this modern era, where technology, ICT and multimedia rules, it's amazing to see there are still some people preferring to think all this info are lies. How do they go about blending in with the global village concept, I wonder, if they cannot even participate in a simple community effort for the sake of the family & the community. 

As the saying goes, "no man is an island." In fact, even an island is linked to the rest of the land underneath the sea, if only people see that, or do they?

Hubby has been ill after the "heavy duty" MetalTech (hey, the 2 words compliment each other, don't you think, he..he..) and is still coughing like a choo choo train. Never seen him sleep like a baby day and night, well, yeah, only when he falls ill like now.

I've really been chilling out this whole week. First 2 days was a big blur, as we were both so tired mentally and physically. It's been a week of heavenly Bejeweling.. :-D

I've been tinkering with my blog this whole week. Trying out some widgets and gadgets to add to the blog without knowing what are some of them, and in the process, added some stuffs which I don't know how to remove (and I don't even know how it ended up there). My blog guru is busy, (hint, hint, hello sifu, you still busy?) and still haven't rectified my earlier request. Still trying to figure out, I guess (a cup of aromatic brewed coffee for me if I'm right).. ;-)

My blog name - carrot head and apple mint, mystery solved, eh?

Why carrot head? Becoz my eldest niece used to call me carrot head and still does (and i retaliate by calling her tomato head. uuh.. what kind of an aunt am I eh?). And I like the name applemint. Cheers!

I really like the LinkWithin widget that I added recently. Cool...!

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