Friday, May 21, 2010

What's up, Doc?

I found out today there’s a kedai TNB in Subang, SS 15. Saved me the trip to Shah Alam town center.  Wanted to pay office bill in Subang Carrefour - Post Ofc since I was already at Subang Parade, but they told me that everything can be settled there except electricity. They won’t accept cheque, but  I thought I did that just last month…?!?! When I asked the counter staffs in TNB, they said they are not sure themselves, what the !@#$%?#!...!!

I think my Google Analytics Traffic tracking feature is totally screwed up. It’s report is so inconsistent that I’m not sure if it’s working anymore. How could the traffic figures go down, it can only go up, right? This is not temperature reading mah, where got go down one? One day it’s 114, next day onwards it’s 15….?!?! Virus ah..?

Hey, I like this font very much, so in love with it….., for now. The font type is Kalinga.. :-D

Just told my boss that I will need to re-format my lappie due to virus attack….. Hmmm… no comment also, phewwh….!!!

I think this Twitter thing is so cool…!! Never really understood what on earth people use it for until I incorporated it into my blog. Now I understand, and I think it’s one of the best “thing” that has ever been created. 3 cheers!

Heard this on the radio while I was driving today, a child asking dad what’s the meaning of the word “___”. Dad ask the daughter to read out the sentence, it went like this.. “She hit her head and fell “enchongkus”. What the heck, never heard of it before in my entire life.

Snapshot of my day continues..
I was at the pc repair shop this afternoon, trying to find out why my lappie's hard disk space keeps shrinking by the day, despite the fact that I've been transferring big files to an external hard disk. The guy casually told me, "It's the virus, easy, just do some scanning and remove it." and I was thinking in my head, "scan and remove". Hmm... that sound so familiar, I have definitely heard it before. I mean, how do you scan and remove. I must have had that IT girl look on me, with my knapsack and Toshiba notebook, and t-shirt and all that jazz. Then I told him, "Uh, I don't know how to do that, that's why I am here." Duhhh.... What, you think I have nothing better to do than to go all the way there to ask him to trouble shoot if I have any clue what's going on with it? Geeezzz.....

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