Monday, May 30, 2011

What's good in Kota Kemuning?

I’ve been living in Kota Kemuning (KK) for 10 over years now, and I can proudly say that there are quite a number of eateries here that serves really fantastic food. We moved in here when there were like only a handful of coffee shops available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that we sometimes had to drive out to Sri Muda and Subang Taipan for food.

Now, KK has so much choice that I can actually put down here a list of eateries that I am proud to show off.

Restoran Silva
Those times when I was working for people, I would usually reserve my Friday morning breakfast for this place.

What’s good? The nasi lemak bungkus!

It's made fresh there! And if you go after 9 am, you'll most probably be disappointed. Alternatively you can go to the food counter and scoop the rice yourself, and choose the ingredients and the amount that you want. It's the same.

To ensure that I do not over eat, I will only take a packet of their nasi lemak bungkus. And on days where I feel a little greedy, I will add on a vadai and some sotong in my sambal (as can be seen in the picture above).

Other than that, loads of people go there in the morning for their tosai, roti canai, etc, etc.. the usual, and they all looks good too! In the afternoon, they serve really fabulous curry puffs (it's quite small piece, that's why I love it, I won't over eat) and their vadai is to die for! It's all freshly made there.

Location – Same row as Maybank but on the other end, 2 shops away from 100Yen.

Restoran Seafood Li Ming

                                            Click on any picture for a much clearer view

What’s good? Curry fish head/meat

This is yummylicious..!!!

Location – Same row as Klaftz, facing the parking lot that is located behind Papa Rich, 2 shops away from Kheng's Kopitiam.

San Bao

                                                      Picture taken from here

What’s good? Hakka “lei cha” (rice with lots of different types of vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains, and on the side is a bowl of tea consisting a mixture of tea leaves and herbs). You're supposed to pour the tea into the rice and eat it like gruel or something. We love it!

Their yong tau foo which they have for lunch and dinner is not bad too. Quite a healthy choice.

Location – Same row as AEON Mini Market/Max Valu & Soon Hing BBQ Restaurant

Padi Prada
What’s good? Gulai tumis (Penang nyonya style assam fish) and their "lobak"

ST's dad swears you can't really find a good one even in Penang!

                                                            Ee Foo Mee

                                                Hokkien Char - Penang style

                                   They give FREE dessert - Red bean with sago. Nice!!

Location – Next to Bread Basket Bakery, facing Restoran Asiba, Cellnique, Biolyn.

Kai Ming Restaurant

What’s good? Char hor fun
ST himself who hails from Penang swears that this one is almost as good as the one in Penang. Well, if a Penangite claims it to be so good, who am I to argue.. :-D

Location – The shop faces San Bao, Soon Hing BBQ and AEON Mini Market/MaxValu

Soon Hing BBQ Restaurant

                                         This is the chap choy/chai boey

What’s good? 
1) Wantan mee
2) Chap choy or chai boey - This, we've tried and we love it! Can have it everyday!

They also have “chue geok choe” - but this we've not tried yet. And they also have "wong chau kai” (rice wine with chicken) which we've not tried yet too.

Location – Same row as AEON Mini Market/Max Valu and San Bao, faces Maycare building.


What’s good? German Roasted Chicken

This is really nice & delicious even though it may look plain.

Ice cream (made here by an Italian enthusiast)

Oh, their brewed coffee (which is actually expresso) is lovely too.

Location – Same row as KK Mayflower Seafood Restaurant on one end, and Pavillion Coffee Shop on the other end.

Bread Basket Bakery

What’s good? Their brewed coffee! The best in Kota Kemuning!

Their house sandwich is not bad either, and so is their BBQ noodle fried. Should try!

                                                  House sandwich

Location – Next to Hicom Gamuda Development Showroom and Padi Prada, facing Restoran Asiba.

MCF Noodle Restaurant

What’s good? Fish head noodle

It claims to be MSG free. Truly nice!

Location - Next to Old Town White Coffee and nearby Sime Healthcare Centre.

Nookiah Penang Pasembor, Rojak & Cendol

What’s good? The header already speak of itself.

Even people who are working outside of KK will come over here during lunch for the rojak. So you can imagine how good it is. I haven't tried it out yet, will do so one day.

Location - The van is located just outside a prominent electrical shop called Onking.

Some pictures are taken from the website (those with indication at the bottom, of where it was taken from), as I keep forgetting to snap a picture when we were there. Most of the time, we're so hungry we forget to do that  +__+

If anyone has discovered any place with good food in KK itself which I am not aware of, please be kind enough to share it with us here. I would LOVE to know.. :-D

I will continue to up-date this post, as and when I discover new places or remember those that we've been. So check out this site regularly.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Hitting the treadmill in a moment

                                              Picture taken from here

Need some exercise badly and is losing the momentum momentarily. Trying my utmost to convince myself not to be lazy.


Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it - Plato

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states - Carol Welch

A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time; pills or stairs - Joan Welsh

It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor - Marcus Tullius Cicero

You can cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend but not on your work out - Author Unknown

The above quotes were extracted from here.


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My pick of the 2011 Oscar Evening Gown

                                         Picture taken from here

These are my picks...

                                Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang
                                      Picture taken from here

I love people who look fabulous in red, and makes it look even more stunning by not having any accessories to de-focus the entire superb look. Classical and sensational!

                             Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein
                                           Picture taken from here

Gwyneth's silver shimmery and modern dress with a Louis Vuitton brooch on her hip. Simple and beautiful! To me, this is a great minimalist look!

                                       Anne Hathaway in Valentino
                                                      Picture taken from here

Anne wore a glamorous looking gown, and like Sandra Bullock, she kept the rest bare to ensure the focus is on the gown. Her fair skins makes her look stunning too. Well, when you have great looks, what do you do? You show off in as many gowns as you can. That night, she wore 8 different attires for the entire show. Wanna see them all? Click here.

Of all the evening gowns that night, this is the winning piece, it seems. Chosen to be the best of all... 

                       Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture
                                             Picture taken from here

I won't say I am crazy over it, it's nice, but I guess the way she carried the dress was what captured everyone's heart that night. Look at her hair, it's a short simple style with no accessories. 

Indeed, she has such regal and elegance visage, she need no help whatsoever in standing out of the crowd. She certainly has class! 

Click on any picture above for a clearer view.

For the top ten best dress in this year's 2011 Oscar event, rated in the Fashion Lover site, click here.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Talkin 2 myself

Was going through the core subjects that I am required to complete for the MBA, and saw two compulsory subjects which nearly had my heart stop beating. When I saw Corporate Finance, I nearly fell off my chair, ok. And moments later when I came across another subject, International Financial Management, I almost had a temporary black out. I am really and truly hopeless with figures, so anything that sounds like or to do with accounts, finance, econs, math, etc, etc will automatically send me running the opposite direction in hysteria. No joke one, ok..!

Went through some of the case studies that was provided to us for my first subject, and my, they all seem so alien to me. Though Organizational Behavior is not really such a difficult subject for a start, I did feel like I was studying a totally foreign language, coz I cannot understand what we’re supposed to really do. The lecturer was reminding us a lot of things all at the same time.

Of course, I was just browsing through on the surface during class, and I guess the panic feel must have shown on my face, coz my lecturer kept trying to reassure “new” students that what we’re feeling is normal, probably for the first or second class, so let’s hope that I’m just freaking myself out unnecessarily.. :-D

The class is only once a week - Saturday. Each subject is to be completed within 6 weeks. So it's 4 weeks of classes, 1 week of study and the last week is the exam. We are required to submit 2 assignments on top of that from week 1 till week 6, or something like that.

Ok, I'm not a bright and brilliant student, all that I hope for is that I get a pass for all my subjects, and I'll be the happiest person on earth.. :-D

Busy Schedule
With my class already started, I will be kept extremely busy, since I will also be working at the same time.

Hence, I will not be able to blog as frequently as I have been doing. I will try to ensure at least 2 posts per week (try, ok?). So bear with me, ok and stay tuned. You’ll probably be hearing me grind about my classes, classmates, lecturers, etc, etc more than anything else for sure.

My God Mom
My god mom complained that she has not seen me for a while lately, and that she’s feeling kinda lonely… +___+

So, I decided to meet up with her last Monday and took her out for coffee and ice-cream. It’s one of those rare moments where I get to talk to her about my mom freely and both of us laugh out loud at some of the nutty things we all did. I truly enjoyed that 2 hours spent with her, while she dig into her ice-cream with glee.

Wish I had the opportunity to take my mom for ice-cream that way. Anyway...

Leave the lift alone
I was at the college, waiting for the lift the other day, to submit some final documents, when a guy came up to the lift and started pressing on the up button. The up button at that time was already lit, meaning to say, someone (that’s me, duh!) has already pressed it. He kept on pressing the button coz the lift was taking a while to get down. I was thinking, what must be in his mind to make him do that. Does he think that by pressing it over and over impatiently, the lift will be able to detect his urgency and will get down faster..? Puulleeezzzz…..

If I were the guard there, I would probably have issued him a ticket for trying to damage public facilities. Period.

Have you had any such similar experience before that you would like to share here? I would love to hear from you. Another incident is when food outlet staff sweeps the floor while customers are eating, which I've also blogged about here.


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to college nightmares

Ummh... I don't wish to admit it...., but my nightmares seemed to have started. No wonder I've been feeling so extremely sleepy in the day time, coz I've been having nightmares at night..!!

            It's orientation session tomorrow. Is it gonna be like this...?

                                           Click on picture for a clearer view

                         This is such a familiar scene, yikes.....!!!


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snapshots of the day

                                      Sunrise @ Bayan Mutiara, Penang

                                     Dawn @ Telok Tempoyak, Penang

These awesome and breathtaking pictures were taken by a friend - Christopher Harriot. Want to see more? Click here.

He has a photo featured here. And that's him in this picture.


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Smart Anti-Ageing Tip & Practice

Why sleep is important and what happens when you don’t get enough.

Night time is the time when your body goes into repair mode. Most of your organs take a break during this crucial time and free up blood flow and energy for this essential maintenance period.

Imagine a car engine that runs and runs and runs, without proper stop or break for rest and repair. Putting top performance engine oil and using expensive stuffs on it will not be able to help it stay in top form condition, if you do not give it a good rest frequently.

So, don’t think that just by popping in tons of multi vitamin pills or supplement or consuming a healthy diet is going to be of any good, if your body doesn’t get sufficient rest at the appropriate time. Your body will not be able to absorb all the goodness and put it to good use at night. As a result, your lack of sleep will reflect on your face, skin, mood and general health in the long term.

When I say sleep here, I mean quality sleep.” Quality sleep is that of sufficient duration and depth that results in one feeling awake and refreshed throughout the day. Best time to be sleeping? Between 10.30 pm – 5.30 am.

Unable to sleep well at night? 

1) Tire yourself with exercise in the day time
2) Off load your mind by journaling before bed
3) Dim down the lights and listen to soothing music, half an hour before bed time. 
4) Do some yoga poses to slow down your breathing and mind.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life is not like a drama; Life IS drama (Part II)

3) Guilt-Redemption Cycle – The root of all rhetoric
The ultimate motivation of all public speaking is to purge ourselves of an ever-present, all-inclusive sense of guilt.

Guilt is Burke’s catch all term to cover every form of tension, anxiety, embarrassment, shame, disgust, and other noxious feelings that he believed intrinsic to human condition.

Man is ....
the symbol-using inventor
of the negative
separated from his natural condition by instruments
of his own making
goaded by the spirit of hierarchy
and rotten with perfection

Man is
Burke acknowledge our animal nature

the symbol-using inventor

of the negative
Emphasize this uniquely human ability to create, use, and abuse language

It’s only through man made language that the possibility of choice comes into being

separated from his natural condition by instruments

Human as a tool using animal
of his own making
Our technological inventions get us into trouble

goaded by the spirit of hierarchy
Hierarchies, bureaucracies, and other ordered systems that rank how well people observe society’s negative rules. No matter how high you climb on the performance ladder, you’ll always feel a strong sense of embarrassment for not having done better.

A doctor always rank higher than an artist.

and rotten with perfection

Our seemingly admirable drive to do things perfectly can hurt us and others in the process. Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.
Both our success and our failure increase our desire to find someone whom we can dump our load of guilt.

Burke believe that getting rid of guilt is the basic plot of the human drama. At its root, rhetoric is the public search for the perfect scapegoat (religious themes of guilt and purification).

He views rhetoric as a continual pattern of redemption through victimage.

The speaker has two options, depending on which he/she chooses.
Mortification   - To purge guilt through self-blame.
Victimage       - It’s much easier for people to blame their problems on someone else.

Victimage is the process of designating an external enemy as the source of all our ills. The list of candidate sis limited only by our imagination – eastern liberals, Al-Qaeda, the Columbian drug cartel, Communists, Jews, chauvinistic males, rich capitalist, and so forth.

Burke was not an advocate of redemption through victimization, but he said he couldn’t ignore the historical pattern of people uniting against a common enemy (“congregation through segregation”). We’ve already discussed his claim that identification is the central strategy of the new rhetoric. The easiest way for an orator to identify with an audience is to lash out at whatever or whomever the people fear (“My friend is one who hates what I hate”).

Further point of reference, click here. Which option did this speaker pick? Mortification or victimage?

This blog is written based on my own understanding of Kenneth Burke's theory - Dramatism, extracted from the book - A First Look At Communication Theory by Em Griffin.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Today I don't feel like doin anythin

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
Coz today I swear I'm not doing anything

I'm gonna kick my feet up then stare at the fan
Turn the TV on, throw my hand behind my head
And nobody's gonna tell me I can't


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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lie down to cure your ails

My yoga pose of the month – Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani)

This month, my feet and legs went through hell as we participate in the MetalTech Show for 5 full days in PWTC. Standing for long hours in our working shoe is no joke. By the time I get home, my calf and feet would be extremely painful and numb beyond words at the same time.

To ensure that it gets proper treatment at night, I soak them in a pail of warm water with epsom salt for 10 - 15 minutes. 

After which, I will then rest them up on the wall like in the top most picture. This pose is designed for undoing, repairing and restoring. It is a restorative pose with a mild inversion.

Viparita Karani pose improves our circulation, calms our nervous system and supports the back.

1) Relieve tired or cramp feet
2) Gently stretches the calves, back and neck
3) Relieves mild backache

Try it, it feels heavenly...


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