Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thinking aloud - Sweeping while customer eats?

I was at this coffee shop having my lunch this afternoon when one of the staffs started sweeping around the place. I tell you, nothing pisses me off more than when someone does this while the rest of the world is eating.

This isn’t the first time I see it happening here. It’s a common thing for staffs to do at coffee shops, mamak shops & fast food chains, to save time. Though I understand that the owner is trying their utmost to keep the place clean, but to have your staffs sweep the floor while customers are in the midst of eating, is just beyond me…! I think that it is so so rude..!

                                                 Picture taken from here

Each time it happens, I will eye the guy from far, watching him like a hawk while he/she slowly gets closer and closer to my table. When they get too near, I will put down my cutlery and tell them off. At times they seem to be at a lost, coz I am sure they were under instructions to keep themselves busy and useful while customers are eating, especially during the low peak hour.

At certain mamaks or coffee shop where I am a regular, the bosses will tell the staff to avoid the area around my table, in respect of my wish, but that’s not the point I’m trying to highlight here.

Where is their sense of hygiene and courtesy to customers..?!?!

The level of airborne dust that sweeping creates or bring up is just beyond description.

I know a lot of people feel the same way as I do, but the thing is that, they choose to ignore or close an eye to it. This I cannot accept. Being in a third world country, trying to move up to first world, we need to guide and educate people of all level that it is not an acceptable thing to do. There must be better ways to carry out the cleaning process without affecting the dining guests.

My suggestions
1) They can try to use a push broom that picks up dust and rubbish off the floor, that pushes them straight into the dustpan with cover (if someone or kids did a mess up on the floor).

2) Designate a specific time of the day (off peak time), close section by section while you sweep and clean. Not sweep around dining guests, please..!

We can make this a better place to eat in, but everyone need to play a role in highlighting the "in-appropriate thing" about sweeping while customers are dining, and not ignore it. Ignoring it will only mean you are giving them a silent consent to what they are doing, hence encouraging it further.

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