Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sup tulang & ulam, anyone?

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Few weeks back, ST and I had lunch at a restaurant in Sunway and we enjoyed ourselves so tremendously I felt that I have to showcase the outlet here in order to do justice to the restaurant.

Last week, we went back there for lunch again, and this time, I got ST to ask the owner for permission to take pictures of the food. To my utmost surprise, the owner was extremely friendly and helpful and even got the staffs or other stall operators to move aside to accommodate my quick “little informal photo session”.

Still, it wasn’t easy, coz customers kept coming, and I felt awkward trying not to get into their way. We were there earlier this time, hence, not all the dishes were out, but the customers had already started spilling in.

The sambal chilies, oooh how I love them..

The ulam, ST’s favorite.. The variety is not terror huge but it's still there if we want some. I mean, how much can we actually eat in one sitting?

Curry beef and mutton

All the seasoned fish & chicken

While I was busy snapping away, ST started helping himself to the food, make me "kan cheong" only .. !@#$%?#!

This is ST's favorite fish dish which he dived into..

This was what I came for... the soup...!!! 

Click on the pix above for a clearer view. Need to explain something here... See the inside of the bone? The lady said we can order it, poke a straw inside and suck the juice out. I stood there with my mouth open for a while, trying to imagine someone doing that (of course, won't be me la). Was thinking of getting ST to do it.. :-D

These are ALL the stuffs/ingredients that the stall owner scoops into the soup, when you order mee or mee hoon soup (below).

And these too, they're different parts of meat that the stall owner peels and throws in.

And the end result...? Waaalaaa.....!!!

My noodle soup for lunch (above), accompanied by the must have - veggies!

The burst of flavors from all the spices and the "sup tulang" was in-describable.. (is there such a word ah..?)

This is my fav sambal..

And these are some of the dishes that I managed to capture on camera while dodging the oncoming human traffic. The one right below are just veggies..! About 15 different types altogether (not including the ulam).

And what is the name of this restaurant....? 

Am sure some of you has already been there and knows about it.. ;-)

It's next to the Domino's Pizza, facing the LDP highway.

I wanted to take a picture of the friendly shop owner, but becoz the paying "q" was rather long, and he was always busy, I decided not to disturb him any further.

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