Monday, January 31, 2011

Off for the Chinese New Year...!!!

Driving up to Penang today! We're officially off for the CNY, wooohoooo....!!!


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's up, Doc?

Meet Sam
We drove out to Seri Kembangan today, to collect payment from a customer. This customer owns a huge factory and a few posh cars, which he keeps in the factory.

The first time we were there for our first meeting, as we were entering the reception, we heard someone greeting us cheerfully from the outside. It kept saying, “Hello.., hello.., hello….” until we started looking around wondering who that was. Then we saw the culprit.

Inside the factory compound, and flanking both side of the reception entrance is a huge area of fenced up bird sanctuary with lots of trees and bushes. Both sides of the sanctuary is connected via underground, and there was a bird perched on a pipe, greeting us incessantly.

This is the fella… I’ve decided to call him/her Sam.

                                 Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

Inside the sanctuary, there are lots of different types of birds and chickens, pecking around for food.

On the day we delivered the machine to this customer, Sam decided to come very close to the fence, next to the freight forwarder van, chatting happily and noisily with the driver and his co-workers. My technical guy – KS just couldn’t stop disturbing him coz he was so friendly that day.

Love this lil fella..

I really and truly admire people who are successful in their career, and yet, still maintain a balance between their life, their career/business and nature. The entire factory area is surrounded by a long connected man made aquarium, and you can hear water flowing everywhere, no matter where you are in the building.

Tabby deep in thought
Last Wednesday, the house cleaners came and was at work, while I was upstairs on the bed, looking out the balcony window, when Tabby scooted in, and decided to perch up on the balcony. I was fiddling with my digicam when I caught her deep in thought and decided to snap a few pictures of hers.

What does the year of the rabbit hold for the monkey?

Yup, that's me up there.. :-D

I have been told that this year is my year. As far as I could remember, this is probably the first time I've been informed that everything is gonna be smooth and good for the monkey. Well, I certainly hope so, coz the predictions that I see every year by those masters all sounds the same to me generally.

Whatever it is, as long as the sun continues to shine, I will continue to be myself....

Food Glorious Food
Last but not least, a picture of my favorite food, the seafood paella. This was taken at La Bodega in Bangsar Shopping Complex. It’s to die for.. :)))


Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to un-wind your body and mind before you sleep

My yoga pose of the month – Standing Forward Bend (Utttanasana)

If you find that you are unable to sleep at night, doing the standing forward bend pose will gently help to use up all your pent-up energy and tension in your body and mind.  It helps to release all tension and line things up right.

The inversion of your head towards your feet soothes your nervous system while liberating the muscles of your lower back.

Standing forward bend stretches the entire portion of the body from the head to the heels and lengthens the entire spine.

Do not forget to breathe deep and slow. For detailed instruction, click here.

1) Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
2) Reduces fatigue and anxiety
3) Relieves headache and insomnia
4) Stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips, thighs and knees
5) Stimulates the liver and kidneys
6) Improves digestion
7) Help to relieve symptoms of menopause

If you find that standing forward bend is too difficult, you can also try doing the seated forward bend.

                                                        Picture taken from here


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back in action

Hellooo.....!!! My oh my, I have been out of action for quite some time, haven't I..?

What a coincidence that the time when my lappie decided to konk-off for good after about 3 years, my body also decided to give itself a long break. It was as if like my body was telling itself, "Erm ok, since my beloved lappie is gonna be in the clinic for sometime, I might as well retire for the entire duration to recuperate." or something to that effect.

Having fever, flu and cough all at the same time was no joke, let me tell ya! This morning, I popped in my last antibiotic tablet and hope that my days of blur mode; soupy, blend and tasteless meals will be over soon.

And for your info, I am now using a new lappie.. :-D

After having been without a lappie for more than a week, I realize now how "IMPORTANT" my lappie is to me. Further to that, I've also been known to "talk to my lappie" while I'm working on it. Seeing that it's like my 2nd husband to me, I've decided to give it a name, and it's gonna be called - Johnny!

ST haven't decided what he's gonna do with old Johnny, the one that gave up on me, but he does seem to love it more than me. ST is one person who cannot let go of anything, doesn't matter if it's things, machine, electronic or electrical stuffs. If he can have his way, probably his old and broken hair dryer or shaver will still be in a box somewhere. FYI, his first laptop from DELL is still somewhere in the house, mind you, not to mention his first vcd player, first TV, etc, etc..

Today, I spent the whole day trying to re-install back the printer driver, re-config the e-mail in my outlook, catch up with work, doing my online banking, etc, etc, and still at it.

Will take me a day or two before I could get my blogging activities back on schedule.

The entire house is actually in a mess. We're trying to clear out old stuffs. Boxes, files, docs, things are lying all over the house, coz we're not sure what to do with some of it, and I hate putting it back where it was kept all this while, coz hey, it's spring cleaning time, they should be cleared out of the house...!

My blog for today is a bit jumbled up and un-organized, coz I'm still on antibiotics.. and I haven't the faintest idea where to start or how. But don't worry, I will be back in top form soon!

That's all for now.


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogging activities interrupted briefly. PC under repair..

Eermm... for those of you who's been following my tweets, you should know that I'm gonna be without a lappie for a week at most. The poor fella will be sent back to the factory for repair. So, bear with me.. will try to continue tweeting though..


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take a power shower

Start your day with a cold wake-up jolt, or anytime of the day is a good time for a revitalizing cold shower.

In the afternoon, if you feel a little sleepy and if the premise permits it, taking a cold shower will be a good alternative to having coffee. And what’s more, it’s FREE..!!!

Cold shower also help us to release negative energy stored in our body. Cold water spins our chakras and forces them to let go of anything which we may be holding onto.


Friday, January 7, 2011


3 weeks ago, I was spending time with my friend May in a shopping complex, when we came across this outlet that sells genuine expensive bags. It was on a mega sale and I’ve been eyeing one of the bags like for ages. 

Imagine my expression when I saw the big SALE sign and the amount of discount they were offering on the bag that I've always wanted.

Of course, I kept my cool even after having checked the goods, the prices and discount offered, etc, etc. I decided to sleep it through, to see if I’m still as crazy over it as before, you know, taking the advise of the experts. But my life in the following 2 weeks after that was as below.

                                             While bathing...

                                           While sleeping...

                              And while doing something... anything...

In the end, cannot tahan…

Finally got the bag, at 60% discount....!!!

It's a Kipling....!!!

What...?!?! You think I was talking about LV or Coach bags aar...? Sorry, those are not really my cup of tea. If it's given to me for free, I might consider laa, he..he..

ST took one look at the bag and said it looks like a normal school bag.. +___+

But I like... :)))


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Energizing stretches to kick-start your day and your week

Many of us finds it extremely difficult to get up in the morning, especially on a weekday to get to work.

Many years back, when I was holding a regular office job, working in a location near KLCC (I stay in Kota Kemuning), the thought of getting out into the jam packed highway heading to work was enough to make me grab on to my bedsheets even more. It was a routine which I struggled with every morning without fail, the physical and mental dialogue which I carry on with myself, until I attended a motivational seminar that got me started on a regime.

I made it a point to get up 20 minutes earlier every day after that. Why 20 minutes? Without fail, the first 5 minute will be spent sitting on the bed, still in a dream. After that, I will get downstairs, drink a glass of warm water with lemon, spread out my yoga mat, and start doing some basic stretching for 10 – 15 minutes. Basically I do my yoga sun salutation sequence.

Picture taken from here

Initially, I would only manage to do the above like 2-3 times a week, while the rest of the week, I will be back to my normal lazy routine, preferring to sleep the extra 20 minutes; ONLY to struggle again later when it’s really time to get up. On those days where I prefer to laze on the bed, I ended up over sleeping ,which is worse! Because the guilt that comes after was enough to kill.

After some time, I kind of like managed to establish a steady regime. Once you are able to do the stretching a few times a week, you’ll be able to see the good in getting up 15-20 minutes earlier. Because by the time you’re done with your warm up stretching, your mind is already busy organizing your day’s tasks, you’re much more alert, and by the time you hit the shower, you’re ready for work..!! That is the most critical part which I find I managed to overcome. I no longer struggle in bed like how I used to before, and that really helps especially in the morning.

3-4 months down the road, I increased the stretching to about 20 minutes, after which I will prepare my healthy breakfast, which in a way, was therapeutic, because you’re doing something to care for the health of your body.

Why the sun salutation?

Picture taken from here

It’s a series of twelve physical postures. These alternating backward, forward bend movements, often with some twist and side tilts postures flex and stretch the spinal column through their maximum range, giving a profound stretch to the entire body.

It has multiple mental and physical benefits. In only 10 minutes, you can achieve a low impact workout that combines both resistant training and cardiovascular training. 

Can I do it?
When the alarm goes off, the reason why you hang on to your sheets and pillow is because you want to enjoy more “me time” on the comfy bed dreaming. Why don’t you indulge in the “me time” while stretching. You can continue to dream on, while stretching. Many a time, I find myself still in a daze, when I’m in the midst of stretching, so having a pre-set of physical posture to execute helps in a way, and that’s why I chose the sun salutation.

Also consider this, which would be better? To be ready mentally and physically for work or still to be struggling in bed every morning when it’s time to REALLY get up? 

Find a gentle stretch routine that suits you. You can make a difference this new year.

For a start, you can follow this simple and fluid home practice sequence, by clicking here.

Need some clues and more help for a start? Here you go, click here.


Hey, check this out - My heartfelt thanks

Monday, January 3, 2011

Highland tea, strawberries & green veggies

Last year end, my family took off to the Cameron Highlands for a short break. ST wasn't able to join us as he had some urgent meetings lined-up.

Loading the car with all our stuffs (below). Going only for 3D 2N but the amount of things we were bringing were like as if we're on the run. 

The 3 girls eagerly waited in the car for the journey to begin. Gate not open, driver still walking around behind the car (as can be seen here below), their mom nowhere to be seen yet, and the aunt still busy snapping away as usual. Teddy bear also brought along..+__+

Off we go, finally..!

Met up with Bi (my younger brother) & family at the Rawang R&R. All of us went down to take a look at the rascal below.

We then headed into Gopeng market to grab some food stuffs for our steamboat dinner for that night. Yummyy stuffs...!

The rest of us hopped down to reccee the place, and to goof around.. :))

For lunch, my sis-in-law insisted that we go to Menglembu new town, at a coffee shop called Kedai Kopi Nam Chau. Good food there..!

Tomato head and me..

CD Girl and me..

Ipoh hor fun..

Curry laksa..

Dry curry, this one is nice..!

We also ta-pau Ipoh famous "chee cheong fun" from here up to Cameron, to be eaten together with our steamboat. It does look plain and dry, but my oh my, it's something that Malaysians won't mind taking a number and wait in queue just to savor this.

Took the old road up that day, as the new road was closed due to a nasty bus accident. Passed by this impressive waterfall, that tomato head managed to snap. 

                                      Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

Buying fresh veggies just before Tanah Rata, for dinner..

The apartment which we stayed in. Quite fully equipped with basic necessities like cooking utensils, water jug, water heater, etc, won't mind staying there again and again. Lots of extra mattresses and comforters. Just opposite the Convent School. It's called Carnation Park.

Steamboat dinner on our first night. That was super scrumdiddlyumptious...!!!

We really have our sis-in-law to thank for, where good food is concerned. She's our mastermind, and for that we ate like kings.

After a hot delicious dinner, we went up to Brinchang, to it's famous pasar malam.

Being on holiday mood, that night, we played Bi's fav board game till 2 am. It's called Ticket to Ride : Europe. I don't normally have patience for board game, but then anything to do with Europe, I like.. :-D

The train master explaining the rules & regulations to us. 

The players were supposed to be (frm left) Bi, the destroyer (in stripe), CD girl (in pink) and me (with tomato head as my assistant) coz I have no patience for it lo. My 2nd elder bro (CT) was supposed to be a spectator.

But in the end, it ended up with ko (CT) playing on behalf of the destroyer, coz she was going nowhere, and tomato head taking over my place as I was also going nowhere. Ok la, not that I was going nowhere, but becoz I was more interested in snapping pix.. :))

Our wonderful breakfast on 2nd day.. Our master chef at work early morning.

Instant Udon noodle with fresh veggies, mushroom and egg.

Same thing we had on 2nd day breakfast, but this time, spicy one..

The strawberry park. Went there twice, 2nd time just to wallop the strawberries with ice-cream and waffle with ice-cream.

Oops, this was taken at the Pallas Tea Farm. I got confused with so many pix to up-load, got them mixed up with Strawberry Farm, but too lazy to re-organize already. 

Look at all the shutter bugs, busy at work.. not sure what it is that they are taking actually. Enjoying the high land tea with desserts.

Everyone was waiting for this sinful indulgence.. It was lipsmacking..!!! There were so much fresh and big juicy strawberries in the bowl and in the ice-cream glass, certainly worth it!!

Bidding goodbye to a local residence of the apartment before we depart.

One last round of feasting at Strawberry Park and family picture taking before we headed down. Just couldn't resist the strawberry ice-creams and waffles...!!!

What a spendiferous trip...!!!

And what have my nieces got to say about it after 3 full days of fun activities and feasting..?


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