Monday, January 3, 2011

Highland tea, strawberries & green veggies

Last year end, my family took off to the Cameron Highlands for a short break. ST wasn't able to join us as he had some urgent meetings lined-up.

Loading the car with all our stuffs (below). Going only for 3D 2N but the amount of things we were bringing were like as if we're on the run. 

The 3 girls eagerly waited in the car for the journey to begin. Gate not open, driver still walking around behind the car (as can be seen here below), their mom nowhere to be seen yet, and the aunt still busy snapping away as usual. Teddy bear also brought along..+__+

Off we go, finally..!

Met up with Bi (my younger brother) & family at the Rawang R&R. All of us went down to take a look at the rascal below.

We then headed into Gopeng market to grab some food stuffs for our steamboat dinner for that night. Yummyy stuffs...!

The rest of us hopped down to reccee the place, and to goof around.. :))

For lunch, my sis-in-law insisted that we go to Menglembu new town, at a coffee shop called Kedai Kopi Nam Chau. Good food there..!

Tomato head and me..

CD Girl and me..

Ipoh hor fun..

Curry laksa..

Dry curry, this one is nice..!

We also ta-pau Ipoh famous "chee cheong fun" from here up to Cameron, to be eaten together with our steamboat. It does look plain and dry, but my oh my, it's something that Malaysians won't mind taking a number and wait in queue just to savor this.

Took the old road up that day, as the new road was closed due to a nasty bus accident. Passed by this impressive waterfall, that tomato head managed to snap. 

                                      Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

Buying fresh veggies just before Tanah Rata, for dinner..

The apartment which we stayed in. Quite fully equipped with basic necessities like cooking utensils, water jug, water heater, etc, won't mind staying there again and again. Lots of extra mattresses and comforters. Just opposite the Convent School. It's called Carnation Park.

Steamboat dinner on our first night. That was super scrumdiddlyumptious...!!!

We really have our sis-in-law to thank for, where good food is concerned. She's our mastermind, and for that we ate like kings.

After a hot delicious dinner, we went up to Brinchang, to it's famous pasar malam.

Being on holiday mood, that night, we played Bi's fav board game till 2 am. It's called Ticket to Ride : Europe. I don't normally have patience for board game, but then anything to do with Europe, I like.. :-D

The train master explaining the rules & regulations to us. 

The players were supposed to be (frm left) Bi, the destroyer (in stripe), CD girl (in pink) and me (with tomato head as my assistant) coz I have no patience for it lo. My 2nd elder bro (CT) was supposed to be a spectator.

But in the end, it ended up with ko (CT) playing on behalf of the destroyer, coz she was going nowhere, and tomato head taking over my place as I was also going nowhere. Ok la, not that I was going nowhere, but becoz I was more interested in snapping pix.. :))

Our wonderful breakfast on 2nd day.. Our master chef at work early morning.

Instant Udon noodle with fresh veggies, mushroom and egg.

Same thing we had on 2nd day breakfast, but this time, spicy one..

The strawberry park. Went there twice, 2nd time just to wallop the strawberries with ice-cream and waffle with ice-cream.

Oops, this was taken at the Pallas Tea Farm. I got confused with so many pix to up-load, got them mixed up with Strawberry Farm, but too lazy to re-organize already. 

Look at all the shutter bugs, busy at work.. not sure what it is that they are taking actually. Enjoying the high land tea with desserts.

Everyone was waiting for this sinful indulgence.. It was lipsmacking..!!! There were so much fresh and big juicy strawberries in the bowl and in the ice-cream glass, certainly worth it!!

Bidding goodbye to a local residence of the apartment before we depart.

One last round of feasting at Strawberry Park and family picture taking before we headed down. Just couldn't resist the strawberry ice-creams and waffles...!!!

What a spendiferous trip...!!!

And what have my nieces got to say about it after 3 full days of fun activities and feasting..?


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