Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's up, Doc?

Meet Sam
We drove out to Seri Kembangan today, to collect payment from a customer. This customer owns a huge factory and a few posh cars, which he keeps in the factory.

The first time we were there for our first meeting, as we were entering the reception, we heard someone greeting us cheerfully from the outside. It kept saying, “Hello.., hello.., hello….” until we started looking around wondering who that was. Then we saw the culprit.

Inside the factory compound, and flanking both side of the reception entrance is a huge area of fenced up bird sanctuary with lots of trees and bushes. Both sides of the sanctuary is connected via underground, and there was a bird perched on a pipe, greeting us incessantly.

This is the fella… I’ve decided to call him/her Sam.

                                 Feel free to click on any picture for a clearer view

Inside the sanctuary, there are lots of different types of birds and chickens, pecking around for food.

On the day we delivered the machine to this customer, Sam decided to come very close to the fence, next to the freight forwarder van, chatting happily and noisily with the driver and his co-workers. My technical guy – KS just couldn’t stop disturbing him coz he was so friendly that day.

Love this lil fella..

I really and truly admire people who are successful in their career, and yet, still maintain a balance between their life, their career/business and nature. The entire factory area is surrounded by a long connected man made aquarium, and you can hear water flowing everywhere, no matter where you are in the building.

Tabby deep in thought
Last Wednesday, the house cleaners came and was at work, while I was upstairs on the bed, looking out the balcony window, when Tabby scooted in, and decided to perch up on the balcony. I was fiddling with my digicam when I caught her deep in thought and decided to snap a few pictures of hers.

What does the year of the rabbit hold for the monkey?

Yup, that's me up there.. :-D

I have been told that this year is my year. As far as I could remember, this is probably the first time I've been informed that everything is gonna be smooth and good for the monkey. Well, I certainly hope so, coz the predictions that I see every year by those masters all sounds the same to me generally.

Whatever it is, as long as the sun continues to shine, I will continue to be myself....

Food Glorious Food
Last but not least, a picture of my favorite food, the seafood paella. This was taken at La Bodega in Bangsar Shopping Complex. It’s to die for.. :)))


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