Friday, January 7, 2011


3 weeks ago, I was spending time with my friend May in a shopping complex, when we came across this outlet that sells genuine expensive bags. It was on a mega sale and I’ve been eyeing one of the bags like for ages. 

Imagine my expression when I saw the big SALE sign and the amount of discount they were offering on the bag that I've always wanted.

Of course, I kept my cool even after having checked the goods, the prices and discount offered, etc, etc. I decided to sleep it through, to see if I’m still as crazy over it as before, you know, taking the advise of the experts. But my life in the following 2 weeks after that was as below.

                                             While bathing...

                                           While sleeping...

                              And while doing something... anything...

In the end, cannot tahan…

Finally got the bag, at 60% discount....!!!

It's a Kipling....!!!

What...?!?! You think I was talking about LV or Coach bags aar...? Sorry, those are not really my cup of tea. If it's given to me for free, I might consider laa, he..he..

ST took one look at the bag and said it looks like a normal school bag.. +___+

But I like... :)))


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