Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stay young by following Calvin and Hobbes

Be your own best friend. Be the inner best friend who is always there to protect you, chat or chill out with you, care and love you unconditionally. Life provides us constant reminders that everything starts with us.

A lot of people experiences uncertainty, unhappiness or loneliness whenever there are changes in their lives. In fact, there are some people who experience these feelings even when nothing major happens. Some people require constant companionship to be able to live.  And there are some who require total peace alone to be able to do that.

Instead of trying to fix unhappiness, uncertainties or loneliness, it would be better if we become our own best friend.

Kids do it by imagining an invisible friend, some does it by having a stuffed toy that goes everywhere with them. Some adults graduate by incorporating this concept of becoming best buds with themselves. This way, you will find that ”always-dependable best friend of love, friendship and happiness” within yourself.

The reason why I enjoy reading Calvin and Hobbes is because, it follows the humorous antics of Calvin, a precocious and adventurous 6 year old boy, and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger.

The cartoon strip depicts Calvin’s flight of fantasy and his friendship with Hobbes and also examines Calvin’s relationships with family and classmates. He uses his imagination & creativity to bring his stuff tiger alive as if it’s his best buddy that goes around doing crazy and fun stuffs with him. And of course, they also fight together, ambush and criticizes each other as well, only to go back to being best friends again later.

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