Friday, February 18, 2011

CNY in KL 2011

Loh sang or loh hei (means tossing of yee sang) for Chinese New Year, to whip up or toss up all the good fortune.

Winnie's mom (left) and my god mom (on the right).. :-D

Family gathering at our home on the 10th day of CNY. 

Preparing to head over to Kajang for CNY visits with my relatives. It's a tradition that ST and I goes visiting my Kajang relatives on the 4th day of CNY. So we would normally head back from Penang on the 3rd day. 

These pictures were at my 2nd brother's house in Cheras. CD girl (middle in blue) wearing a skirt for the first time for CNY. She hardly wears skirt nowadays, except for when she goes to school.

Can't resist snapping another full length pix of her in skirt.. :-D

At my relatives house in Kajang. The main meeting point for all my uncles and aunts. We were there first.

 Goofing around... 

My younger sis-in-law (Veron) played with Tomato Head's hair and tied it up into a ponytail high up at the top. I quite like it this way. She look different for a change.

Cynthia - The Destroyer.. 

My younger sis-in-law (Veron) and my notty nephew - Jet

You know what, once when all my aunts and the kiddos arrived in the house, I was too busy going around handing out ang-pows (red packet), catching up with my aunts (some of whom I've not seen for a few years), and eating..

So there was no pix taken of them all.  -____-

Yeah, I know that I ought to be shot.


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