Saturday, October 30, 2010

My dream car for now

I am a very simple person. It's the Nissan March.. :-D

                                         Picture taken from here

The Nissan March was the first car that I owned when I first came out to work (of course, it's a second hand one lah..). My brother helped me to get a second hand one (that time it didn't look as nice as this, needless to say) so that I can go and bang it and put a dent anywhere on the car, and it won't hurt. I just got my driving license, you see.

That was a good choice, coz whenever someone hit my car or when I hit someone's back side (which was quite often, since I day dream a lot even while driving), the other person's car always ends up the one badly dented while mine didn't look like it was involved in the accident at all. It's a truly good one for banging people's car. *wink*

I totally love it. Now with the new design, I love it even more..! I think it's a car with character.. :-D

The many different colors that they have now, but somehow I like the pink one.

Of course, I love this one the best, if the weather permits it here. Well, already said it's a dream car mah..

At one point of time, I was dreaming of owning a Fiat Multipla. Yeah, you heard right!

You know why? Coz each time I see one that passes by, I will only see the cute back side, which looks like this...

My fascination with it went on for sometime, coz I kept seeing the back.

When I told ST about it, he nearly fainted. Until one day, he pointed out the car to me from the front and I saw the horrible design. That was the day I changed my mind.. ;-)

Here, this is how it looks, for those who has no clue like me..

But the car is extremely spacious inside. We took one of this in Europe, from the hotel to the airport, and it's really high. 

Oh well, guess it will have to be Nissan March for now.


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  1. Those cars are good! Well, I like the gray one better. But I bet my wife and my daughters will prefer a pink Barbie car, instead. ;P

  2. Golly, you like the grey one? Yeah, it looks nice doesn't it? I won't blame for preferring. And yeah, am sure the girls will like the pink ones.. :-D

  3. Ahh yeah, probably one of the cutest cars around. I love the pink convertible one, it's looks like a toy, haha. If I'm gonna get one of these, I'll have it tricked with custom paint and brightly colored velvet seats, haha.

  4. Goodness, brightly colored velvet seats! That will stand out for sure.. ;-)

  5. It suits you, Moon! The Nissan March (originally known as Nissan Micra) is a simple yet beautiful car. :) If I can still remember, it was first introduced in October 1982 as a challenger to the highly successful Honda City. You should see the Nissan Micra 2012 model! It's so cute!

  6. Your car is simple but very charming! My daughter would surely love to have that blue car! Each car has its own character, so you better choose wisely which car you would want to have.

  7. your dream car Nissan March use new engine now, more efficient


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