Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

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Further up-date on my scanning activities. The picture above is the notice board above my hostel bed, during the U, 2nd semester. Chaotic & cluttered, yes I know. Most people who came to the room (my friends and my roommate’s friends), will have a lot to say about my notice board.. :-D

1st semester in Desa Bakti, USM

Ok, I have self declared Aug/Sept to be a no coffee month, in conjunction with the fasting month. For this, I will abstain from my beloved coffee from 17 Aug onwards right up till Raya. If I must have a drink in the afternoon, I will settle for a cup of green tea.

Will I be able to do it, we will see how it goes. Here’s a guide on how to spot a coffee addict, and hope I won’t have any of those symptoms.

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Picture taken from The King of Haumoana

Why am I doing this? Nah, I thought I just want to give my body a break from all the coffee. So that I don't end up like this.

Too much is not good, no coffee is not good either. My normal consumption is just one cup a day.

                                  Picture taken from POPARTUK

I tweeted earlier that I bought a skirt on weekend. Here it is, from Esprit. It’s on 30% discount, plus another 10% more for being a member. I’m a sucker for anything blue, especially sky blue or marine blue.

During this so called shopping spree, I saw this beautiful authentic looking yoga mat holder for sale, hung up on the wall. So so beautiful, would love to own one, but then of course it’s not cheap. For those who have seen it before, I’m sure you know where it’s being sold. Becoz I took a picture without permission (coz I know that if I asked, no one would allow me to), therefore, I won’t name the place.

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