Monday, August 23, 2010

My beauty tips for smooth and radiant face

Mom used to say, if there’s a potential pimple on the way, use the rice powder. We would add water to the rice powder that comes in beads, and plaster it all over the face, like how our grandmother used to do it. At that time, I hated anything that sticks or stays on my face, and I’ve never like the smell, so I would just pile it up like a mountain just on that one particular spot.

Rice has been known to do wonders to our skin since eons ago. There have been story about washing your face with water that has been used to wash rice. In the olden days in Korea, they advise to stand over the steam of boiling rice.

So when I found out that Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant uses the unique rice-based enzyme powder for scrubbing, I tried it out and I have loved it ever since. Upon contact with water, it melts into a creamy paste which is perfect for my over sensitive skin, and it makes my skin feel smooth and fresh. It's my choice of facial scrub.

For someone so impatient like me, surprisingly I now enjoy and look forward to scrubbing my face with it, because I love the heavenly mild scent, and the act of rolling the tiny enzymes over my face feels extremely soothing and therapeutic.

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