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Admiring the elegance of Islamic fashion

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It was around this time last year that I was frantically looking around for a baju kurung to buy because one of my staffs – Fadita was getting married, and I wanted to wear a baju kurung to her wedding. I was hunting high and low for a green one, in specific, apple green, because she said that the color theme for her wedding is apple green.

It was at that time I started to notice all the different styles and designs of baju kurung and baju kebaya in the market and I truly love some of them, especially those which has been modified/simplified to suit the modern era or those where the style/design is tastefully infused with exquisite fashion sense or motives that were never thought of before.

I’ve always loved baju kurung Kedah, because it’s loose and it’s extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the length is not too long, hence, it doesn’t hamper my movement as much as the rest. However, it is so hard to find shops that sells them nowadays. I know coz I tried to look for them last year.

With the Ramadhan month in mind and Raya just around the corner, I was browsing the internet last weekend, for some fashionable baju kurung/kebaya. Wasn’t having much luck until I stumbled upon an article in The Star Online about Melinda Loois fashion achievement & contribution to the Arab world. And boy oh boy, did I find what I have been looking for.

Love this baju kurung Kedah from Melinda Looi (1st pix). The 2nd pix (which is the one at the top) is also another one of Melinda’s beautiful creation.

                                       Picture taken from Beatuy Alkholoud

This piece below is a stunning design created by Melinda for a catwalk in Dubai, a songket kaftan made from Royal Terengganu songket set with Swarovski elements. A truly master piece.

Here’s another few beautiful pieces from her which I like.

This is from various designers.

                                               Picture taken from here

So far, the ones below are the only sites which I have managed to find. For more pictures, click below.
1) Melinda Looi official website or here (her facebook)

I know that these attires are actually beyond anyone of our means, but they’re so lovely to look at.. :-D

Please do share with me if anyone of you know of other sites which I'm not aware of. 

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