Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I want to speak, but nothing comes out right!

How many times have you had this bursting urge to express yourself about something in particular, but find that you are totally at loss for words, be it written or verbal. At times you managed to express it, but the end result may not sound or seem like how you intended it to be, because you expressed it using the incorrect choice of words or sentence formation.

Expression blocks like this can be extremely frustrating, as they make us feel disconnected from the flow of life.

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The truth is that, many of our thoughts are just noise that prevents us from nailing what our heart truly intended to express. Our streams of thoughts are constantly bombarded by external stimuli, internal expectations, emotional feelings and logical injections. So much so that we get so lost in there, we forget all the appropriate words that should be used for each of our expression. After a while, we forget how to express ourselves.

If you frequently struggle to express yourself or know of someone who does, know this and take note of this.

The more you are able to express your thoughts and feelings, the more words and ideas will come to you. You know you’ve taken one big step when you are able to effortlessly allow your thoughts to flow, expressing it well and getting it out of your internal system.

As you learn to freeze-frame highly-charged emotions, you also learn to
communicate directly to people without the extra voltage that can cause them
to be defensive, while frying your nerves and draining your energy bank.

Doc Childre
Quote taken from HeartQuotes

Where to begin?
1) Start by complimenting someone today and do it once every other day. Why? By doing so, you are slowly learning to open up the door of your heart. When was the last time you praise someone over a simple gesture?

2) Read a book every 2 -3 months. You need to be a well read person to be able to express well. If that’s too hard, read one every 6 months. 

3) Start a journal/diary. This will help your thoughts to flow and starts you off on simple expressions.

Do you know that social network sites are new modes/media for self expression, when you participate in facebooking or tweeting?

1) Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have – Doris Mortman

2) It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves – Sir Edmund Hillary

Do you know how many people out there are trying to communicate with the outside world, but is not able to? We know how painful that is. You are born with the ability to write, speak and think, do not keep it all down. Here, watch this for some inspiration - Autistic girl expresses with unimaginable intelligence 

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