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Cell phone etiquette

We were in the cinema one day, eagerly waiting for the movie that we’ve been anticipating for quite some time to start, when someone’s cell phone rang. He was sitting two rows away from us. We were most irritated upon hearing the rude interruption of the ringing sound, despite having been warned to put the cell phone on silent mode, but our patience was further tested when the guy actually picked up the phone and started talking..!

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He must have thought that he was being polite and courteous, by trying to speak softly on the phone, but the fact was that, most of us could still hear what he was trying to say. And he was in the movie theatre for goodness sake!

Having personally gone through this myself, I just feel that I need to highlight some cell phone etiquettes here, on a subject matter that most of us think it has become such a necessity in our lives that we no longer really care whether we are being rude or not. If you google this topic on the internet, there will be hundreds of sites and suggestions on what can and cannot be done.

I am not saying we need to follow all at 100%, coz if we do, we might as well don’t own one, seeing that the cell phone seemed to have evolved from a basic communication devise into some kind of lifestyle gadget. What I am highlighting here is probably the most basic of all.

If we are going to try to become a developed country, we should practice, if not all, at least 50% - 60% of what the developed nation practices, don’t you think so? Otherwise we will only descend into social barbarism.

Cell Phone Etiquette
1. Off or silent your cell phone in movie theatres, plays, restaurants, banks, etc. And please don’t light up your phone screen in a dark theatre. Both are considered rude.

2. Don’t drive and talk/text. This is rude and dangerous. Come on, you gotta know this. If you must answer, then pull over or use a handsfree.

3. Don’t talk loudly, for heaven sake. We do not want to hear your conversation.

4. When there is someone within earshot, keep it short. Always ensure there is a distance between you and others (10 feet, this is the standard etiquette rule) if you need to talk.

5. Love the one you are with. Mute your phone and let it roll over to voice mail during family/quality time. You won’t miss the call, you will just respond a while later.

6. Don’t talk/text during a social engagement (face to face or one to one), or in front of someone who expects your attention, be it an old friend, a grocery store assistant, doctor, or business partner.

7. Do excuse yourself before taking a call if it is INDEED, an important call/emergency.

8. Excuse yourself before starting a cell phone conversation via wireless or phone earplugs and politely turn away, as people in front of you does not know whether you are talking to them or to an “invisible” person.

9. Turn off your phone during take-off and landing on the plane. If the flight attendance says it WILL interfere with the plane system, they don’t tell you for nothing. Come on, can't you be a little more serious on this?

10. When in doubt, mute the phone and set it on vibration.

Do we really need to be a slave to the cell phone?

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Do you know that it is actually rude to put your cell phone on the table during dinner or discussion/meeting? I'm afraid most of us are guilty of this.

And if you did notice someone else using their phone, especially when it’s not safe to be used, like on the airplane, would you say something or would you ignore it?

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