Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Click picture for a clearer view

The first picture that I scanned using my FREE Canon scanner (above). 

Not bad, eh? That's a picture of my study desk in U. It looks old because I took the picture myself with my first Olympus semi manual camera, and developed the picture in black and white, myself. 

I was studying photography at that time, and obviously, the picture wasn't fixed properly (2nd process in the developing stage), or is it 1st stage, I forgot already, as you can see certain white spots appearing on the print, making it look like a 100 years old picture.

My second scanned picture is a commercial piece (below). 

It's taken from Marie Claire magazine, March 2010 issue. I've wanted to scan this piece because I wanted to highlight this favorite piece of office wear (picture no.4). It looks professional and very class. Love the long and straight hair too. And I too love the 3rd office wear (picture no.6). Makes her look like a pro photographer at work.. ;-)

I bought a very nice pouch this week, made of patch work.

                                         Front portion

Notice the single little button at the center. Love it very much..!!

                                        Back portion

Nice, eh? What am I gonna do with it? Uhhh... don't know yet, will figure it out later, he..he.. maybe put my thumb drives collection or something. Not cheap, ok..

Went to Sunway Giza, near Kota Damansara this week, as we were around that area, and hubby wanted to go check it out. Love the place too.

# Sunway Giza 1

# Sunway Giza 2

# Sunway Giza #

Love the place because it's quiet, peaceful and spacious. No crowd, but then it was on a weekday afternoon, so not sure how it's like on weekend or weekend nights.

They have one of the biggest giant fans hanging on the ceiling, and there are lots of them, not just 1 or 2.

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