Sunday, August 1, 2010

My new toy

Nokia E72

Got this over the weekend and love it! So much more user friendly compared to my previous HTC Touch. I remember, after I got my HTC Touch, I kind of like lost touch with this world and lost touch with mobile technology stuffs (literally), to the point where I have friends who says I don’t seem to keep in touch anymore via sms like before. It looks good and sexy, but that’s it, period.

Anyway, I am still having problem trying to synchronize my contacts into my new h/p. Upon further investigation by the Nokia personnel, they told me that there’s something wrong either with my lappie’s USB port or it is the lappie problem. Sigh, I do seem to have been cursed, to have problems with pc/laptop. Once the h/p problem is solved, it’s the pc, once the pc is solved, it’s the wifi problem, the network problem, this problem, that problem… aaarrgh…!!!

Now I have to take my lappie back to the pc shop for trouble shoot, else I won’t be able to access and use the Nokia OVI Suite something something... 

The problem with this two item is that they are part of ever changing technology. And technology is something that seem to change faster than most can keep pace with. So there's no end to it.

But it’s ok, I have a new toy to fiddle around with now, so I will bear with all this nonsense. At worse, I will re-key in all the contacts one by one, not that I’ve not done this before. Will be doing it for the.., what…, 5th – 6th time anyway, or more, I cannot remember already.. :-D

What I like about this E72, it has a 5 megapix camera..!!! So does that mean if I take my own pix with it, I won’t have to do any touch-up…. ;-)

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