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What's good in Kota Kemuning?

I’ve been living in Kota Kemuning (KK) for 10 over years now, and I can proudly say that there are quite a number of eateries here that serves really fantastic food. We moved in here when there were like only a handful of coffee shops available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that we sometimes had to drive out to Sri Muda and Subang Taipan for food.

Now, KK has so much choice that I can actually put down here a list of eateries that I am proud to show off.

Restoran Silva
Those times when I was working for people, I would usually reserve my Friday morning breakfast for this place.

What’s good? The nasi lemak bungkus!

It's made fresh there! And if you go after 9 am, you'll most probably be disappointed. Alternatively you can go to the food counter and scoop the rice yourself, and choose the ingredients and the amount that you want. It's the same.

To ensure that I do not over eat, I will only take a packet of their nasi lemak bungkus. And on days where I feel a little greedy, I will add on a vadai and some sotong in my sambal (as can be seen in the picture above).

Other than that, loads of people go there in the morning for their tosai, roti canai, etc, etc.. the usual, and they all looks good too! In the afternoon, they serve really fabulous curry puffs (it's quite small piece, that's why I love it, I won't over eat) and their vadai is to die for! It's all freshly made there.

Location – Same row as Maybank but on the other end, 2 shops away from 100Yen.

Restoran Seafood Li Ming

                                            Click on any picture for a much clearer view

What’s good? Curry fish head/meat

This is yummylicious..!!!

Location – Same row as Klaftz, facing the parking lot that is located behind Papa Rich, 2 shops away from Kheng's Kopitiam.

San Bao

                                                      Picture taken from here

What’s good? Hakka “lei cha” (rice with lots of different types of vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains, and on the side is a bowl of tea consisting a mixture of tea leaves and herbs). You're supposed to pour the tea into the rice and eat it like gruel or something. We love it!

Their yong tau foo which they have for lunch and dinner is not bad too. Quite a healthy choice.

Location – Same row as AEON Mini Market/Max Valu & Soon Hing BBQ Restaurant

Padi Prada
What’s good? Gulai tumis (Penang nyonya style assam fish) and their "lobak"

ST's dad swears you can't really find a good one even in Penang!

                                                            Ee Foo Mee

                                                Hokkien Char - Penang style

                                   They give FREE dessert - Red bean with sago. Nice!!

Location – Next to Bread Basket Bakery, facing Restoran Asiba, Cellnique, Biolyn.

Kai Ming Restaurant

What’s good? Char hor fun
ST himself who hails from Penang swears that this one is almost as good as the one in Penang. Well, if a Penangite claims it to be so good, who am I to argue.. :-D

Location – The shop faces San Bao, Soon Hing BBQ and AEON Mini Market/MaxValu

Soon Hing BBQ Restaurant

                                         This is the chap choy/chai boey

What’s good? 
1) Wantan mee
2) Chap choy or chai boey - This, we've tried and we love it! Can have it everyday!

They also have “chue geok choe” - but this we've not tried yet. And they also have "wong chau kai” (rice wine with chicken) which we've not tried yet too.

Location – Same row as AEON Mini Market/Max Valu and San Bao, faces Maycare building.


What’s good? German Roasted Chicken

This is really nice & delicious even though it may look plain.

Ice cream (made here by an Italian enthusiast)

Oh, their brewed coffee (which is actually expresso) is lovely too.

Location – Same row as KK Mayflower Seafood Restaurant on one end, and Pavillion Coffee Shop on the other end.

Bread Basket Bakery

What’s good? Their brewed coffee! The best in Kota Kemuning!

Their house sandwich is not bad either, and so is their BBQ noodle fried. Should try!

                                                  House sandwich

Location – Next to Hicom Gamuda Development Showroom and Padi Prada, facing Restoran Asiba.

MCF Noodle Restaurant

What’s good? Fish head noodle

It claims to be MSG free. Truly nice!

Location - Next to Old Town White Coffee and nearby Sime Healthcare Centre.

Nookiah Penang Pasembor, Rojak & Cendol

What’s good? The header already speak of itself.

Even people who are working outside of KK will come over here during lunch for the rojak. So you can imagine how good it is. I haven't tried it out yet, will do so one day.

Location - The van is located just outside a prominent electrical shop called Onking.

Some pictures are taken from the website (those with indication at the bottom, of where it was taken from), as I keep forgetting to snap a picture when we were there. Most of the time, we're so hungry we forget to do that  +__+

If anyone has discovered any place with good food in KK itself which I am not aware of, please be kind enough to share it with us here. I would LOVE to know.. :-D

I will continue to up-date this post, as and when I discover new places or remember those that we've been. So check out this site regularly.



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  2. oo~~ i just moved to kota kemuning about one and a half yrs ago and i do struggle alot about where to eat! thanks for your post! have you tried herbaline? they serve really tasty organic food there!

  3. Jewellery Bijou - Thks for following! Following you now, cheers!

    You're most welcomed, XC! Glad to be of help! Will check out Herbaline.. :-D

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  5. Tks Moon. I'm new here. Your KK guide is helpful leading me for good food.


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