Monday, May 23, 2011

Talkin 2 myself

Was going through the core subjects that I am required to complete for the MBA, and saw two compulsory subjects which nearly had my heart stop beating. When I saw Corporate Finance, I nearly fell off my chair, ok. And moments later when I came across another subject, International Financial Management, I almost had a temporary black out. I am really and truly hopeless with figures, so anything that sounds like or to do with accounts, finance, econs, math, etc, etc will automatically send me running the opposite direction in hysteria. No joke one, ok..!

Went through some of the case studies that was provided to us for my first subject, and my, they all seem so alien to me. Though Organizational Behavior is not really such a difficult subject for a start, I did feel like I was studying a totally foreign language, coz I cannot understand what we’re supposed to really do. The lecturer was reminding us a lot of things all at the same time.

Of course, I was just browsing through on the surface during class, and I guess the panic feel must have shown on my face, coz my lecturer kept trying to reassure “new” students that what we’re feeling is normal, probably for the first or second class, so let’s hope that I’m just freaking myself out unnecessarily.. :-D

The class is only once a week - Saturday. Each subject is to be completed within 6 weeks. So it's 4 weeks of classes, 1 week of study and the last week is the exam. We are required to submit 2 assignments on top of that from week 1 till week 6, or something like that.

Ok, I'm not a bright and brilliant student, all that I hope for is that I get a pass for all my subjects, and I'll be the happiest person on earth.. :-D

Busy Schedule
With my class already started, I will be kept extremely busy, since I will also be working at the same time.

Hence, I will not be able to blog as frequently as I have been doing. I will try to ensure at least 2 posts per week (try, ok?). So bear with me, ok and stay tuned. You’ll probably be hearing me grind about my classes, classmates, lecturers, etc, etc more than anything else for sure.

My God Mom
My god mom complained that she has not seen me for a while lately, and that she’s feeling kinda lonely… +___+

So, I decided to meet up with her last Monday and took her out for coffee and ice-cream. It’s one of those rare moments where I get to talk to her about my mom freely and both of us laugh out loud at some of the nutty things we all did. I truly enjoyed that 2 hours spent with her, while she dig into her ice-cream with glee.

Wish I had the opportunity to take my mom for ice-cream that way. Anyway...

Leave the lift alone
I was at the college, waiting for the lift the other day, to submit some final documents, when a guy came up to the lift and started pressing on the up button. The up button at that time was already lit, meaning to say, someone (that’s me, duh!) has already pressed it. He kept on pressing the button coz the lift was taking a while to get down. I was thinking, what must be in his mind to make him do that. Does he think that by pressing it over and over impatiently, the lift will be able to detect his urgency and will get down faster..? Puulleeezzzz…..

If I were the guard there, I would probably have issued him a ticket for trying to damage public facilities. Period.

Have you had any such similar experience before that you would like to share here? I would love to hear from you. Another incident is when food outlet staff sweeps the floor while customers are eating, which I've also blogged about here.


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