Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom knows best – No midnight hair wash

                                              The first picture which I purchased online.. :-D

We’ve all heard this before I’m sure, and yes, mom is always right. Despite the fact that sometimes they may not know the real reason behind it, what they say could actually be good for us, especially ladies. For that, mom deserves a lot more credit than we sometimes give her.

No mid night hair wash, or rather don’t wash your hair too late into the night.

I am a strong believer in this, as it causes wind (Chinese believes), and will also bring about rheumatism and headache in your later years. You won’t feel it now, but you will later. Once you reach the age of 20 onwards, try to wash your hair before 8 pm. And each time you finished washing and towel dry, blow dry your hair. You don’t have to blow till it is dry dry, most important thing is that you keep the scalp dry.

How? Make sure you hang a hair dryer next to your dressing table or in the bathroom next to the mirror, to make it convenient for you to reach for it after you’re done putting on your skin care. This will save you time going around looking for it and to plug it into the socket each time. Once it’s convenient, you will find that it’s easier to keep to this routine. This is what I do with mine.

It’s ok, if once in a while you have to wash your hair late at night, but ALWAYS ensure you do not go to bed with wet hair. That’s the worst that you could do to your body.

Allowing your hair to dry naturally is fine only if you sit below a strong fan for about 10 -15 minutes. That’s because, the longer the hair remains damp, the more wind it will collect in your body, without you knowing it. 

Now you know why you have so much wind in your body? So the next time your mom says something, listen..

Oh by the way, the picture above (lady bathing) is the first picture that I bought online using credits. So so proud of myself, he..he.. *pat pat on my own back*

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