Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative ways to go green

Reuse, recycle and reduce waste and have fun doing it! 

I carry along with me, a re-usable coffee mug each time I step out of my home, so that I am able to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee outside, while at the same time, conserve the environment by reducing the use of paper cups and eliminate waste disposal. 

Try to decrease the environment impact of your coffee drinking habit by declining the use of cardboard insulating coffee cup sleeves, napkins and plastic lids.

I use a Starbucks coffee mug at most time, because they encourage environment conservation practice by offering RM 2 discount on any beverage when we bring our own Starbucks mug/cup. Also, they have very nice mugs too, if I have a choice, I'll buy them all. Here's mine.

I also try to minimize over usage of disposable plastic goods such as plastic bags and bottles. Whether it is no plastic day or not, I bring along a re-usable shopping bag with me at all times for any of my groceries or normal shopping. Mine is light and small because it’s foldable into a compact size and pretty to bring along. Mind you, I always have 2 in my bag.

                       These are mine. Third one is made of cloth

                  The first and second bag can be folded into this

The 1st bag, that folds into a strawberry, was given to me by my friend May as souvenir from China. That got me started.

Here’s a link to a very nice picture gallery of eco-friendly shopping bags from Envirosax. Hope you won’t go crazy like I did. If I have the money, I'll buy them all too. Here's another link to check out.

Would love to have this ...

Or this...

Aren't they cool..?

If you don’t have any of them, just re-use any of the plastic bags that you already have. They will never biodegrade anyway, so you might as well re-use them.

Whenever I go out for long period, I will bring along my own drinking bottle. This is so that I don’t throw away another plastic water bottle from the pharmacy and will limit the garbage I create, hence, reducing plastic waste. Click here for a variety of pretty drinking bottles from Bros.

Be creative, come up with your own unique way to help save the environment, while having fun doing it. Do drop me a note, if you have other creative ways to share with me.

Remember - reuse, recycle and reduce waste.

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