Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom knows best – Sit up straight

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It’s natural for most people to slouch a little when you sit, especially when you’re feeling tired and lazy. Slouching for hours in front of the computer or while you’re studying or doing your homework is the worst, as it could affect your health.

Benefits of sitting up straight
1) Good and proper posture makes you look thinner, taller and more confident
2) It can also psychologically help us to think positively too
3) Less muscle strain and prevention of hunch back and other posture related illness in the long run
4) Minimize neck and back problem as you get older

Always be mindful, about how you sit.

Sit up straight, pull your shoulders to the back, push your lower back forward. Lengthen your spine and neck as if someone is pulling your hair up towards the ceiling. 

Looking from the side, your back should not be in a curve, from shoulder down to lower back. It should be in a straight line.

                                                                Picture taken from here

Once you get used to sitting this way, you will have your mom/teachers to thank for, for your posture is the window to your spine.

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