Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random thoughts

Have you ever had this un-avoidable yet annoying association or phenomena with something/someone/some event in your life for a stretch of time?  

I don't know why, each time I go to the bank, in my case, KK Maybank in particular, the security van will be there doing their jobs, with a whole load of people waiting in line outside, trying to get in.

After a few encounters in the evening, I tried going after my yoga classes and dinner (like after 2 hours), which would mean that it will be pretty late, yet I would still meet the van outside the bank. It's like a curse, you know what I mean? It's as if they purposely adjust their timing to coincide with mine, and that whatever time I decide to go, hey they will be there like a person waiting for it's best friend.

This has been going on for many years now. If anyone of you would like to meet the security van outside Maybank, you just need to go with me. ST knows that and he's had numerous encounters with it. And this happens only after 6 pm.

The reason why I try my utmost to avoid it is because I feel extremely uncomfortable standing anywhere around there (sometimes inside the bank itself waiting for my turn at the ATM machine), while the guards walk around with their intimidating machine guns. And while waiting, all sorts of wild imaginations will be running inside that head of mine, of robbers rushing into the premise, taking us all into hostage, gunfires flying everywhere and all that, and then I won't be able to see my 2 furballs again.. +___+

Yesterday, I rushed out to do a few chores around 6 pm. At 7 pm, I dropped by the bank forgetting all about the phenomena. And true enough, from far, I could see there was a large crowd outside the premise, as the security guards were doing their stuffs inside, hence, no one was permitted to go in. I waited patiently for about 2 minutes and decided to go back after completing my other stuffs and dinner.

I went back like 1 1/2 hour later, and guess what.....!?!?! The van was still there.....!!!

Someone is trying to test my patience, I tell ya! Hmmpph..!!

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