Monday, November 29, 2010

Going totally natural

I remember when I was in Uni, some of us could not afford to buy expensive skin care products. Some of us will use pharmacy brand while there were some, whom I remember, uses natural skin care products. And when I say natural, I mean really & totally “natural.” Like those made out of real fruit and veggies!

These days, with all the hype regarding high chemical content and cancer causing ingredients in skin care, I’ve read quite a number of blogs where they even recommend going back to nature. 

I was browsing through a book titled “Cosmetics & Personal Care Products – More Dangers and Side-Effects” by the Consumers Association of Penang, and extracted 5 natural tips from it, if it does interest you.

Natural cleansers from fruit masks

Papaya mask
Helps to make skin more supple.
Mash 2 tablespoons of ripe papaya & spread over clean face. Leave for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Fresh tomato slices
Placed on the face can help remove impurities from the skin and exfoliate dead cells.

An orange peel and almond scrub
This is a good exfoliator.
Mix together 1 table spoon each of finely ground orange peel and ground almonds. Take a little in the palm of your hand, mix with a little water and use the paste to wash the skin.
Or you can use finely ground green gram (kacang hijau) powder – an excellent skin cleanser which has been used for generations by Indian women.

Egg white
Beaten with a few drops of lemon (or lime) juice is a favorite wrinkle chaser among Egyptian women.
Apply the mixture to face and allow to dry thoroughly before rinsing off.

Banana slices
A couple of banana slices mashed to a fine puree and applied to the face and neck is also helpful in avoiding skin tautness that can lead to wrinkling. 

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