Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Not so sorry case
The other day, ST showed me his first tiny grey hair sticking out of his scalp like a sore thumb. He was so proud of it.. +__+

For someone who has to get her grey hair dyed every 1 ½ months & paying quite a substantial amount for it each time, it does drive me nuts to see him not having any grey hair at all at this age.

And you know what he always tells me? “It’s better to have a whole head of grey hair than to have no hair...., like him.”

Book Rug
A close friend of ST went to Dubai sometime back, and when they met up recently, she passed him a bookmark from Dubai which she bought for me. I love it! Speaking of which, I do love to collect bookmark, have I ever mentioned that before..? Well, I have now... *hint, hint*

It’s a bookmark that look like a mini rug/carpet, and it’s made out of Lextra Fibre technology, and it uses a tough material with its urethane core that they claim is tear-resistant and if bent, will return to its original flat shape. It has a beautiful Celestial design, cool...!

She did the slide!
My niece from Penang - Mae came down to stay with us for about 5 days at the start of the school holiday. My sis-in-law came down to KL for work, so Mae stayed with us. Had a great time catching up with her, doing girlies stuff like eating Famous Amos chocolate cookies & ginger bread & she also spend quality time entertaining my 2 furballs. We were in The Empire Shopping Gallery one night, when she saw someone sliding down a tube/slide and wanted to have a go at the Lex Slide (the world’s tallest indoor tube slide, it seems, at the highest level of IT section). 

This is her..

                                 Click the pix or any pix for a clearer view

It's RM 12 per try and it takes about 10 secs to get down from the top most floor. She wanted to go through it so that she could tell her friends she did it, but after having gone through it, she said it was so so only. 

At that point, I thought I saw the RM 12 dive and slide down the tube too... But it's ok, next time when we are both old and she has started working, she can pay for us to go for the ride in return.. ;-)
Initially, she said she wanted one of us to wait for her at the LG floor when she "touch down". So ST went down and was supposed to give me a missed call when he reaches there. But because both of us were so "kan cheong" (nervous) and excited, before we knew it, she went down the tube even before I got ST's missed call. We completely forgot about it. So when ST reached the landing point, she was already down there waiting for him instead. Great coordination we had on that day indeed..  -__-

Mouseketeers get-together
Took Mae to my nieces’ house for a day of fun. They exchanged loads of crazy stories about what they did the whole year through, etc, etc..

My eldest niece - the Tomato Head whipped up something wonderful for tea break while I brought along the Vitagen and Babybel cheese. And owh… what a weird combination, now that I think of it…

                                    Cucur bawang, yuuumm....!!!

The two that’s born in the year of tiger playing PC game together. They click so well.

And for dinner, Tomato Head cooked up a delicious meal of fried chicken with potato wedges and tomyam!

Bunk Over
I bunked over at my nieces’ home on this Monday night. We did nothing but yakked, yakked and yakkity yak! We went out for J-Co doughnut and coffee and told lots of ghost stories, which kinda freaked us out that night.

Then we hit the Korean series VCD marathon (continuing from where we left off from the last school holiday), a Korean series titled Jewel in the Palace (Dae Cheung Gum) from 10.30 pm right up till 3.30 am.  After which, instead of hitting the sack at 3.30 am, we chatted in the dark on our bed till 5 am.  The next day, there were 4 zombie looking persons in the house.

My niece cooks like a pro!
My eldest niece is only in Form 4, but she cooks like a pro, I tell ya!

I guess she’s got a good cook at home as the instructor. But then I had a darn good cook at home as my instructor when I was her age too, but, but how come I turned out like this one? Up till now, I am only good in eating still. Cooking, I would give myself a 2 out of 10, I think, sad eh..? My specialty would still be Maggie mee noodle, fried egg, egg sandwich and spaghetti, thank you very much..!

Utensil set
My sis-in-law was working last w’end, participating in a food promotion at The Gardens, outside the Cold Storage Supermarket. They put on some interesting games for the public to play, and if the win, they get a box of utensil set (you know, those with a fork, spoon and chopstick inside a portable box). Since we had to show her that her daughter is still alive and kicking after staying with us for 2 days, we went up there to see her, and took part in the game. None of us managed to get through the game, but I got myself a utensil set still.. :-D

I actually intended to get a set earlier, so that I do not have to use those disposable wooden chopsticks, hence this utensil set came at a right time.

This is how mine look like.. nice..!!

I came home and googled some more, just to see what’s out there, and found some really nice ones which I would love to have.

Hey, I think I've given out quite a lot of Christmas or year end "great gift ideas" in my blog here, haven't I..? *hint, hint*

* Double hint, hint...? *

Ok lo, just trying my luck... :-(


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