Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep warm this rainy season

The rainy season is probably here, and year end always signify cold and rainy days for me. I am one who does not consume “dong quai” or “pat chan” monthly (Chinese herbal drink for ladies), because I am just too lazy to boil and I don’t particularly like the smell and taste.

Hence, my fingers, feet and body will tend to feel cold around Oct right up till Dec. To maintain a correct balance of yin (cool) and yang (hot), and to achieve a healthy equilibrium within the body, I will normally increase the consumption of the following. 

It helps to bring a glow to my being and keeps my body warm.

1) Yomeishu/DOM
Every other night before I sleep, I will drink a little bit of the above. Well, more of DOM, because it’s easier to find DOM in airport. This works without fail, so it's highly recommended by me, for those who can drink, of course. I do not take a lot, at most 2 tablespoon mix with a glass of warm water, coz I do not like the taste. 

Up-dated Oct 5, 2010
Eh sorry, it's not 2 tablespoon. I measured last night, it's only 1 teaspoon, sometimes 2. I can't take a lot. Even 2 teaspoon of it also I will turn bright red like a tomato and sleep like a baby. If take 2 tablespoon, will go up on the table and start dancing and singing already.. :-D 

2) Ginger
During dinner time, if we order food that is cooked with ginger, I will normally ask them to add a little bit more than normal and will eat them all. I will also make it a point to eat more, food that has ginger in it, such as chicken with rice wine and ginger, fish with ginger (keong choong yue phin), steamed fish, Japanese food (love their pickled ginger that comes FREE), etc.

Japanese pickled ginger

                                                            Picture taken from here

Ginger tea with honey from Culpeper. Lovely drink, I will take it hot at night before I go to sleep.

I love my “teh tarik” but it’s rather cooling, so instead of that, I’ll order “teh halia.”

3) Beef & mutton
I will also increase my consumption of beef or mutton just a little bit more.

4) Spices/curry
Korean kimchii hot soup or the Korean instant noodle, yuuuummm…!!! This will warm up the tummy for sure.

                                                               Picture taken from here

This is the instant noodle - spicy one

                                                               Picture taken from here

5) Hop soup
To keep the tummy warm, ST will tend to ask for steamboat while I would always prefer wild mushroom soup, French onion soup, etc, etc, you get the idea. Alternatively I wouldn’t mind having the chicken ginseng soup (either Chinese style or Korean style).

Wild mushroom soup (my favorite of all soup)

                                                              Picture taken from here

Korean ginseng chicken (samgyetang)

                                                                Picture taken from here 

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