Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

We were in JB last week, participating in the 3P – Malaysia International Industrial Machinery Expo (3P stands for Plastic & Rubber, Food Processing & Packaging, Sign & Printing).

I was expecting the usual boring stuffs, you know, standing around and handing out leaflets, constantly looking at our watch and hope that time will fly by. From experience, participating in machinery expo would only mean booths after booths of heavy machinery at work, steel and metal stuffs, and everything heavy duty la..

Surprisingly this expo was rather different from those many that I’ve attended before. Why…..? Because of this…

There was plenty of food going around the entire expo hall, because of the players in food processing machinery in this expo. Instead of just displaying their products which are like the ones below, they were also displaying loads of the end products, for people to sample.

                             These were what they were selling, cake makers

However, the ones below, they were available & free flow the whole day...

                             Little cakes and cookies in rows of trays

                          Lovely scones with chocolate chips, yuuumm....!!

               Whole counter of food on trays, all for us and visitors to sample

Then there was this company that came out with a new product (opposite our booth), which can produce 80 soft boiled eggs all at one time, and keep them in the tank (we call it ultrasonic tank coz our machines comes with one that looks like that too) throughout the day, without compromising it’s quality & temperature.

                                       This is their product (silver container).

And all the eggs comes out looking exactly the same, what the heck! There’s no over cook or under cook eggs. See how lovely they look..?

So, we participants were like, eating eggs in the morning, afternoon and evening. The boss and personnel in that booth was forever offering us eggs, 3 in 1 instant coffee, and food (taken from the booth that sells the cake mixers).

Caught our Technical Engineer going for the 2nd egg of the day, I think...!

As if it’s not enough, there was a GIANT booth near the main entrance which promote bakery making machines. And oh my god, you gotta see this, how they display their end products. Please hold your saliva...

    (This pix was taken with our Technical Engineer’s iPhone 4, ok…, don’t play play)

Ok, before I continue, please close your mouth...

And for your info, the above pix wasn’t taken from the internet, ok. Just in case, you don’t believe me, here’s a piece of proof…

And uh.. you wanna see the food samples they have on the table for everyone to help themselves? Here you go…

                                     The egg rolls are to die for

                 I didn't try the round buns though.. was trying to be selective

What’s worse, whenever I go near their booth to grab some sweet bites or take pictures, their sales person will hand me a plastic bag and insist that I "ta-pau" (pack some) as well.

See what I mean.. This one, I didn’t ta-pau myself one, ok. I didn’t want to take any away, but the guy just packed it and handed the plastic bag to me. In fact, that was what most exhibitors and visitors were doing, they brought bigger plastic bags to ta-pau for their staffs’ mid morning and mid afternoon coffee/tea break.

Each booth in that hall that day, seemed to have a mini pantry of their own, with loads of food on the table for customers, courtesy of these few booths that provided ample samples to the whole world. It was like a party expo or something. At the end of each day, you get people walking around offering those food stuffs in trays from booth to booth, to clear up before closing.

Of course, because there are plenty of good food being offered and served, everyone was extremely happy and friendly. Made quite a number of friends at the expo. Truly enjoyable, even though it was tiring.

At night, after all the standing during expo, naturally my feet & legs felt like giving way. Our hotel is adjoining to a duty free shopping complex. We were browsing through the departmental store when I came across this pair of sandal, tried it on and love it, I felt like I was walking on air. It’s Scholl, thank goodness, so I got my friend Chris to order it for me.

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