Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

1) Ivanka Trump's wealth and fortune

                                                                     Picture taken from here

So that, I can afford to buy all the organic food, fruits and veggies in this world. Then I can have the healthiest salad & mix nuts everyday. And I will also be able to hire a "live in chef" to cook whatever I wish to eat. And the chef must also be able to make any kind of coffee from anywhere in this world. Then I don't have to fly to wherever for it's coffee.. :)))

2) Ashwarya Rai's killer look

                                                                    Picture taken from here

So that I am beautiful enough to attract the wealthiest and handsomest man in the world, then I can "double up" my already great fortune and wealth. And also so that I can get to wear all the beautiful clothes & jewelery in this world for FREE, when they hire me as model and ambassador, wah saay....! 

3) To be able to fly like a bird

                                                                           Picture taken from here

I've always dreamed of flying like a bird. My friend says, I might as well become a vampire, coz vampire can travel at the speed of light and always look drop dead gorgeous (well, that's how they portray vampires in the Twilight Saga laa..) and they get to maintain the good looks forever. There is no need to go for cosmetic surgery and no need to fly in a plane, something which I hate. 

Hmm... not a bad idea, indeed. Except that I won't be able to eat woh..  and I don't think I fancy blood..  eewwwh...!! 

Uhh... is there any vampire in this world that feast on coffee only instead..?

Well, those were my first thought when the question popped up in my mind laa, but then after having thought it through some time, I've changed my mind....., as usual.

These are my 3 wishes, serious one, this time..

1) Optimum health

2) Joy in life

3) Peace in this world

                                                                         Picture taken from here

And what would yours be?


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