Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 things you can't live without

If I ever get stranded alone on Giligan's Island, and there are 3 things that I can't live without, it will definitely have to be my :
1) lip balm
2) hand cream and 
3) sun block

so that, by the time they finally find me, I'll still look like me and not look like Kumari instead.. :-D

Eh wait, if I have a choice, I'll change my mind from the sun block to a man.. ;-)

So that he can provide me the kind of services that are not so appropriate to be mentioned here, he..he..  Wait, wait.. what are you thinking? I mean, I will need a man to make a shack for me to protect me from the sun, make me a manual fan to fan me, catch me a fish and have it cooked for me, etc, etc.. too long to mention.

But then if I can't have another person to be the 3rd item, ok, then back to sun block lo... Eh wait, I change my mind again, what I need as my third item will be my lappie. Then I can continue to chat with the world. But, but if I have a lappie, I can send out a SOS for help lo.. no need to get stuck there forever, but where to find power socket in an island? Hmmm... oh wait, in the first place, how would a lappie survive the swim in the sea to reach the island, cheh..............!!!

Ok lo.., back to my precious sun block.. :P


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