Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laughter - the best medicine

I was blogging about good oil for our body the other day, when I paused for a moment to re-arrange my thoughts. Then as I was typing in a certain word, something came to mind, that I thought I must share.

Many years back, my niece told me that she followed the grandmother to the grocery shop to buy stuffs for cooking. The grandmother was walking ahead of her or something, came to this Indian grocery shop, becoz she wanted to buy coconut. She walked up to an Indian man who was shaving the coconut on the machine, and told him confidently, "Thambi, bagi saya kepala satu."

I could imagine the Indian chap's face when the word finally register in his mind, if it did at all. I was (like the person in the pix) almost rolling on the floor after hearing the story.


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