Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things happen for a reason

Had a truly awful day. Last week, our modem router kaput. Then I found out that my lappie had the virus.

We bought a Belkin modem router and had it configured, but up till now it's still not working. The last we check with TMNet, it seems they're having some technical problem at their side (we hope).

Yesterday I was at Subang Parade whole afternoon and evening while I waited for my lappie to be re-formatted. At night, I tried to up-date and synchronize my contacts in my HTC Touch with the outlook, only to find out this morning, that all the backed-up contacts in my PDA vanished. And the worse thing is, my outlook contact is empty still.

Despite all that I did to ensure my contacts were backed-up properly (after having gone through several experience of losing them all), I still lose them all. I can't believe it, and it's so darn frustrating. I mean, what's the point of having everything so "canggih", if we cannot even retain such important data? How could this info be totally wiped out completely, and so easily....!?!?

It was like one thing after another and I truly hope that the saying "Everything happens for a reason" holds true, that no matter what happens, something valuable will come out of this and it's the precise thing that I need, coz I was almost pulling my hair. 

Well, all is not lost, thank God. Early last year, I had a copy of my contacts printed out, and so I still have a hard copy to refer to, but if you think that I'm gonna re-key in everything, no way!

I took the afternoon off to chill out and went about doing my personal stuffs. At 5.30 pm, I hit the yoga mat, as I needed to "talk" myself out of this frustration and angry mode. I was truly upset beyond words.

As usual, I started off with the "lotus seat" pose + slow and deep breathing to slow down my body, mind and breathe for 10 mins. I can't stress enough how important it is to get ourselves in the mood, after a whole afternoon of running around. After lotus seat, I did a 2 minute of "butterfly pose" and "chest to feet pose". This was followed by 3 minute of "downward dog pose" and 4 sets of "Sun Salutation". Ended it with the bridge pose (to strengthen my spine, neck and chest & keep them flexible) and "plough pose" (this is a great pose to loosen up stiff & uptight upper back, shoulder and neck). By the time I finished, I was looking forward to a lovely dinner with hubby and to the long weekend.

Below is the butterfly pose, where you are supposed to flap both your knees up and down, like the wings of a butterfly. Need to flap it hard.

This is the "chest to feet pose", ensuring to keep your back straight instead of bending it.

Bridge pose

Plough pose

For dinner, we had instant spicy Korean noodles with lots of fresh vegies thrown in and an egg, while we watch American Idol final and Glee, yuuuummm....!!! 

This is a great website that I follow closely. I also buy their magazine. Extremely informative and rejuvenating - Yoga Journal.

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