Monday, May 31, 2010

Ole Ole Bali

Had dinner at a place called Ole Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid last night and we ate the biggest meal ever. 

This is the Ole Nasi Campur - RM 33. This is one person's portion, mind you. Click on the pix for a clearer view.

And this is my drink. Honey lime papaya, it taste heavenly, compliments the heavy meal totally. And it's extremely re-freshing! Hubby had the other one, barley lime.

Truly enjoyed dinner, but it's too much for 1 person actually.

On Sat night, we went to check out The Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang. Was at their supermarket called the Jaya Grocer or something, when we came across a giant fish at the fish section. It's a real one, ok but dead la. It's called the Rock Grouper. Man, it rocks, doesn't it? It's featured in The Star today. Boy, am I glad I'm not swimming next to it alive.

Blog name - carrot head and applemint.

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