Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Cup fever begins tonight

Finally bought my copy of the World Cup Guide. Am gonna pore over it from tonight onwards. My favourite section is in the legendary players (since my interest in world cup only started like 8 years ago) and the future superstars (let's hope that there are some good looking hunks in this category, now that Beckham is gone and Ronaldo C has been black listed by me due to ethics and principle matters). Classic encounters & cup controversies would be an interesting section too.

Ok, off to my air-cond room to study now. Cheerios!

Like my mom used to say, "Even exam time also she doesn't see me as hardworking as during world cup." Hmmmm... that shows what great hunks are capable of doing to a person, eh? They should just put hunks as teachers in class, and I'll be a Grade 1 student without effort.. ;-)

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