Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peak time of the year

Last week was a crazy week for us. On Monday we were scrambling around to buy whatever stuffs that is required for MetalTech (cloth to cover the box that holds the machine, clips, etc). Tuesday was set-up day at PWTC. From Wed – Fri, everyday, we will be up around 6.45 am, prepared & took our breakfast and left the house at 8 am, to beat the normal peak hour jam to get to PWTC. On Thurs, the jam was so bad, that we only arrived at PWTC around 9.45 am (the exhibition starts at 10 am). And we normally get home around 9 pm – 9.30 pm. Had to leave early to battle through the jam and also to ensure we get better parking space (like near the staircase and near the exit of the parking so as not to get caught in the peak hour rush out in the evening, coz the stupid building owner only opens up 1 counter for payment collection, reason being  - their other counter machine rosak – according to hubby this seems to be their same yearly excuse).

In comparison to those exhibitions that I’ve participated before such as PC Fair and MATTA Fair, the crowd at MetalTech is not so crazy, as in, you don’t get a non stop stream of visitors to the point of over crowding at most times. It’s manageable and pleasant, as it is targeted to a very niche market. But the other side to this is that, where there is a lull in the visits (which is quite often), the boredom sets in. So, this is the time when I go snooping around for freebies and to take a look at all the McGuyver tools available for sale there (like those super terror torch light with a magnetic rod built-in that cost RM 68, electrical measurement tape that cost RM 100 over, etc).

Lunch was mostly tasteless and expensive food, needless to say, at the cafĂ© on the first 3 days, whereas, on w’end, I had more energy to walk over to The Mall to pack McD for everyone, not that it’s healthy and good anyway, but more of a matter of no choice but at least something different.

Knowing that I’d be having problem getting my doses of vegies during lunch, I stocked up on my fruits and brought them to the exhibition to munch on when I needed a mid afternoon boost, or when we’re about to leave the place for dinner. There were no issue of coffee availability, as the organizer had the liberty to set up a huge “hospitality corner” that provides free flow coffee from the start to the end. On weekend, when I walked over to The Mall, I indulged in my favourite Starbucks coffee.

And since the hardest event in the year is finally over, it’s time to sit back and relax and prepare for ……….. the World Cup, of course!! Ole, ole ole ole…..  Speaking of which, I need to get a copy of my World Cup magazine/guide book.. :-D

I don’t know why people always seem to associate the image of massage and spa with pampering, rewarding yourself, enjoy, heaven and all that jazz. I just had one, and it was more like a torture session. Press the upper back and shoulder – pain, I understand la, but, but, press leg - pain, press hand - pain, press palm also pain, how like that? You mean, I went for the wrong kind of massage ah? And just as I was about to fall into a blissful sleep, listening to the sound of pouring rain outside, the lady had to say, “Misssss… massage finis oleli..”   !@#$%?#!

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