Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

This week, I blogged about how to stay healthy financially. At the end of the day, it all boils down to saving for the rainy days. I was browsing in the net for a picture to post in my blog, when I came across the idea of coin box.

Coin box have always held sweet and sentimental memories for me. Just thinking about it brings up images of my mom taking us to Standard Chartered to open a savings account, and in us getting a coin box (I truly can’t recall what shape the coin box was in). In the case with Maybank, we got a coin box in the shape of a tiger. I love them all, and love them most when it got full and we took it to the bank to count them and have them deposited into our savings account.

After having blogged about it, I remembered just a few weeks ago, my younger brother handed me an old coin box of mine that he found in my room in our family house. My room has now become my nephew’s room, so out goes all my stuffs.. L

The coin box, in the shape of Goodday milk box, is about ¾ full and is extremely heavy.

I took it out again to have a look and started missing having a pretty coin box. Surprisingly just the other evening, as I was going through one of my shelves, I found this coin box which I bought from Pos Malaysia many years back. When I first saw it, it was love at first sight.

It's still in it's plastic wrapper, mind you. I am now on a mission to look for cute and unique looking coin box, coz I would love to start dropping spare coins into a box. More meaningful that way... :-D

Below are some of the coin boxes which I managed to find in the internet. Nice!

                                                                   Picture taken from here

                                                                           Picture taken from here

                                                      Picture taken from here

Next - Our food adventure for the day
We were in Kelana Jaya today, at our freight forwarding company. Knowing that we have a meeting at 2.30 pm in Semenyih, we went over to Sunway for lunch, because we both felt like eating lots of veggies. When we arrived and when I saw the variety of veggies, dishes and ulam they have there, I flipped. It was like, I wanted everything on my plate and I forgot about my diet..!!

In my excitement, I whipped out my camera and took 2 shots of the veggies, and was about to take picture of the ulam when I saw one of their staffs and asked him if I could take picture. He said no, so quietly I put the camera back. Since they told me no photography, I won’t mention the name of the restaurant here, but I feel that it’s just too good not to share.. :-D

The vegies itself (not including ulam) has about 20 type of varieties.

Picture taken from the other end of the veggies section.

ST’s lunch, with very minimum rice. I forgot to take mine, coz I started digging into it before I remembered.

Next - Magazine Talk
Was browsing through some magazines and came across some stuffs, which I would love to share with everyone here.

Most people ask me how come I am always spotted with short hair and why is it that I don’t keep it long instead. Well, I’ve had long hair before, I guess they don’t remember, but I've always been a short hair person. Furthermore, here is the reason why I just love short hair (ref below pix).

Short hair, the way it should be, simple and elegant. And I truly admire ladies who looks so natural, whether they have make-up on or not.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

                                               Model - Sinje Lee in SK II advert

Having said that, I'm not saying I will look that nice when in my short hair. In fact, not everyone is able to look so feminine in short hair.

This attire (pix below) is what they call the toga design, for the most obvious reason. Ok, if you don't know, it's because it follows the Roman toga fashion, you know, where they wear "robe like" attire that drapes down on one side of the shoulder? In all my life, I have never really liked the toga design, maybe because I feel that it’s rather one sided, there’s no balance. It look odd to me, but I saw this picture of Megan Fox in a toga dress, and I think it’s the most elegant dress I’ve ever seen. The way it’s designed and worn is perfect & sexy!

                                      Picture taken from Female Mag - July 2010 Edition

This is a shift dress (pix below), a dress design that I’ve always fancied. In fact, I think I have a whole wardrobe of them, and was just giving it away to my eldest niece the other day coz I can no longer fit into them. I think Emma Watson look nice and elegant in this piece. Love it!

                                               Female Mag, July 2010 Edition

And this one, hmmm…. I’m not sure what design is this, but I think she looks "stunning" in it. Maybe it’s because she is fair & pretty, but she certainly look lovely.

                                                                Female Mag, July 2010 Edition

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