Monday, September 13, 2010

Simple exercises for a sharp mind


1) Use your left hand several times a day to ensure balance (if you’re a right hander) or vice versa, and for stimulation of the side of the brain which is seldom used.

Try brushing your hair and your teeth with your left hand everyday or write 10 simple alphabets or sentences a day.

2) Exercise your fingers (both left and right) using the Chinese Boading exercise balls.

A traditional product of China, thought to have been created during the Ming Dynasty, two of more of them are rotated repetitively to orbit in the hand.

3) Practice this eye exercise 2-3 times a day. Move your eye balls to the left and right. Repeat 10 times slowly.

4) Eat curry at least once or twice a week. It is believed that certain spices used in curry (such as turmeric amongst one of them) helps improve brain capacity.

By using your non-dominant hand, it becomes a brain exercise because different, under-used nerve pathways & connections get activated. This will stimulate the growth of new brain cells & will initiate neutral connections between the right and left hemisphere of your brain. This is how geniuses unleash their creative intelligence and make solid decisions.

Leonardo Da Vinci was ambidextrous. He could write and paint with both hands at the same time.

Leonardo was a great painter, sculptor, composer, scientist, engineer, instrument inventor, anatomist, philosopher, cartographer, geologist, botanist, riddler, and was famous for excelling in whatever he applied himself to.

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