Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Koh Samui, Thailand (Part I)

We were at Koh Samui last weekend for 5 days. That was my first time there. We stayed at the second most happening place in Koh Samui, which is at the Lamai Beach (the most happening place is called Chaweng Beach), because I wanted to be slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping area (Chaweng would have been precisely what ST wanted). But since I was the one making the reservation, so, well, too bad, I decide.. :-D

I will feature in here, some of those stuffs which I feel I would like to highlight. 

Koh Samui, the way Moon sees it..

SkyPark Airport
Taking off from the SkyPark Airport, Subang, was such a pleasant and peaceful experience. Not only it was convenient and near, it is not as chaotic, packed and busy like LCCT. Of course you pay a bit more for the flight ticket, but if you’re going off on a holiday, SkyPark Airport is a better choice. I am thankful that they now have direct flight into Koh Samui from Subang. Makes life so much easier.

                            Feel free to click on any of the pix for a clearer view

Island airport
Upon arrival into Koh Samui Airport, another pleasant surprise awaited. The island airport is small yet it’s extremely cozy, casual, easy and the surrounding green and water feature welcomes you to nature at it’s best. That was just the beginning of our journey. Aaaah... the laid back island charm..

Waiting to clear immigration (below)

While waiting for our turn to be attended to, I walked around snapping pictures. It was bright and sunny outside, hence, the big contrast between the bright and the dark. Click on pix for a clearer view.

Notice the water feature all around the airport. From the plane to the arrival hall, we took a shuttle (ref below pix).

Luggage collection (pix below)

Our resort
This is our resort – Pavillion Samui Boutique Resort

The resort lies on a pristine white sandy beach of its own, in the fabled Gulf of Siam. It’s a perfect hideaway, nestled in a splendid lush tropical garden, blending beautifully and naturally into the island’s landscape & seaside.

It’s the kind of resort where you give your soul, body & mind a complete rest, feeling fully re-charged and rejuvenated after that. The whole resort’s landscaping, design, atmosphere, environment, food and people all work as one to promote calm, peace and beauty.


The courtyard from reception to various venues (rooms, beach, gym, pool, etc) in within the entire resort.

Below are some of the more expensive "Plunge Pool Suite" & "Hydra Pool Villas", where they have their own private outdoor pool & courtyard, in within their unit. Click here for better picture gallery. 

Our room

I really like the musical notes on the wall (pix abv), as it adds a touch of class and finesse in the room atmosphere. However, ST was saying it's a waste of space, coz it would have been more practical if they added hooks or bar on the wall instead, to hang clothes, towels, etc, etc (which they have on the other side), but it's never enough for him, as usual.. ;-)

The balcony has a jacuzzi of our own, with two daybeds flanking on each side. I love to relax and read my book here.

The pool & beach area

Majority of the occupant of the resort are couple, or couple with only a child or at most two. And the kids are, oh my goodness, so well behaved that you do not get a whole group of people laughing, playing loud music, talking loudly, kids screaming, etc, etc.

Beautiful resort with good location. You just need to walk out and you get all the eateries, pubs, bistros, shops, massage centers and spas, travel agents, etc..  You can wait at the reception, if you wish to take the “tuk tuk” to Chaweng Beach. The “tuk tuk” passes by our resort and it cost only RM 10 to and fro per person for a 25 min ride. If you take the taxi, it's RM 50 one way. On weekend, it’s slightly more expensive, but it’s negotiable. There are plenty of motorbikes for rent too. RM 20 for 24 hrs.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the resort is a heavenly place to relax and chill off, to lose yourself in there for a complete getaway, only if you stay put in there. But if you are with someone like ST, who keeps asking me, "Uh, what are we gonna do now ah..? Shall we go scour the beach from end to end? Shall we walk out and check out the temple? Shall we go to Chaweng again and again?", then you'll also die of exhaustion, despite staying in such a luxurious resort. When you get home, you will need another vacation to recuperate from all the walking in the extreme heat.

If I have it my way, I'll be in the resort for the full 5 days, relaxing either on the beach, or on the day bed.

September is Koh Samui's low season, so most of the hotels/resorts there throw prices like nobody's business. They even have buy 1 FREE 1, meaning stay 1 night, FREE 1 night kind of crazy promos. Check them out. This is the chance to experience those luxurious resorts at more affordable price.

Next post - Features my favourite activities & stuffs and the glorious food.


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