Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time to get my fitness back on track

Ok people, now that all the feastings & festivities are finally over, it’s time to get back in shape!

I know, most of us including myself have developed extra bulges around our waist, hip and thighs. My brother told me he’s added 3 kg to his weight. If I were him, it would probably take me 3 years to get that 3 kg off me, that is, if I am lucky. If I’m not, that extra 3kg will be my new weight from now on, and all I can hope for is that I do not add on anymore, you know what I mean? 

So, back to real serious work-out talk here. In order to get the extra bulges and fats off, basically we need to do cardio exercises. Yeah, that's what I read somewhere. That means exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time, and there is no break in the routine. Yes, I know you hate to hear the word, it means, running and heavy work-out in the gym/aerobics, or vigorous swimming/cycling, whatever that works for you.

Don't forget to revert back to your daily consumption of healthy portions. Every meal matters, remember?

As a start, we can go for a swim..

or brisk walking.. 

for this week. It’s gentle and not so taxing. Try two times this week.

Next week, try to slot in cycling..

or yoga..

and perhaps by week three, you can do slow jog; and finally running by week four.

There are people who can lose weight just by dieting, ie. skipping lunch or just eating fruits and all that jazz. Well, to me, it’s always healthier to exercise, for both your body and mind.

And to do that, you have to start somewhere, right? Would it help to know that I’m struggling like you too? So let’s do it together, shall we..? Yeah, I know, this is actually me trying to talk myself into it, and hopefully, by the end of 3-4 months, we’ll be back in shape like this…

or this.... 

Wooweee….!!! Nice, eh? Well, I hope this is motivation enough to get you on your feet.. :-D

I’ve done my running on the treadmill this morning! Have you?


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