Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

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Aaaah.... it feels so so good to be back home..!!!

Wasn't able to collect my 2 furball in time from the boarding place. Can only do so tmrw morning, before we head out to Kajang for more visits and feasting.

Missing my 2 furball like crazy. The house feels so quiet without them running about and disturbing us while we un-pack.

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                           Tabby - The Energizer Bunny

Anyway, since I've been away for some time, I'm gonna provide some up-date here on what I did during CNY.

Prior to CNY
Busy running around buying CNY food stuffs, doing marketing and house chores for my in-laws.

1st day of CNY
I ate 20 sticks of succulent yummilicious satay, had rice for lunch, had 1 bowl of home cooked scrumdillyumcious Penang assam laksa mix with lemak laksa for dinner (no, I didn't run to the toilet that night), and not to mention loads of cakes and cookies.

Oh sorry, we had open house that day, was extremely busy entertaining and eating too, of course!

2nd day of CNY
I went hiking in Penang Hill at 7.30 am with my sis-in-law. The hike up and down took about 1 hour. On the way down we were almost assaulted by a group of monkeys. Eventually we reached the foothill with 4-5 branches in our hands. Halfway down, we stared in awe, into a little natural pond full of green, tadpoles & little fishes (only to be told at the end of the staring session that my sis-in-law saw a little snake swimming in it many months back) and that had me screaming and running off downhill like as if I just saw a demon; and then as if that's not bad enough, we saw a dead and flattened snake on the tar road (eeewwwwhhhhhh............!!!!!) and that again had me screaming & running helter skelter for my life..

What an eermm... adventure.....!! Oh, and did I mention that the hike was a killer..? Today I can't squat and have to walk up the staircase like a grandmother.. -__-

Went visiting for CNY and feasted like a piggie. Had my first "lo sang" that night during dinner at a restaurant with my family.

I am not sure if I have put on weight, I am sure I have, but I've not weigh myself yet. Will do it tmrw morning and provide an up-date.


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