Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back in action

Hellooo.....!!! My oh my, I have been out of action for quite some time, haven't I..?

What a coincidence that the time when my lappie decided to konk-off for good after about 3 years, my body also decided to give itself a long break. It was as if like my body was telling itself, "Erm ok, since my beloved lappie is gonna be in the clinic for sometime, I might as well retire for the entire duration to recuperate." or something to that effect.

Having fever, flu and cough all at the same time was no joke, let me tell ya! This morning, I popped in my last antibiotic tablet and hope that my days of blur mode; soupy, blend and tasteless meals will be over soon.

And for your info, I am now using a new lappie.. :-D

After having been without a lappie for more than a week, I realize now how "IMPORTANT" my lappie is to me. Further to that, I've also been known to "talk to my lappie" while I'm working on it. Seeing that it's like my 2nd husband to me, I've decided to give it a name, and it's gonna be called - Johnny!

ST haven't decided what he's gonna do with old Johnny, the one that gave up on me, but he does seem to love it more than me. ST is one person who cannot let go of anything, doesn't matter if it's things, machine, electronic or electrical stuffs. If he can have his way, probably his old and broken hair dryer or shaver will still be in a box somewhere. FYI, his first laptop from DELL is still somewhere in the house, mind you, not to mention his first vcd player, first TV, etc, etc..

Today, I spent the whole day trying to re-install back the printer driver, re-config the e-mail in my outlook, catch up with work, doing my online banking, etc, etc, and still at it.

Will take me a day or two before I could get my blogging activities back on schedule.

The entire house is actually in a mess. We're trying to clear out old stuffs. Boxes, files, docs, things are lying all over the house, coz we're not sure what to do with some of it, and I hate putting it back where it was kept all this while, coz hey, it's spring cleaning time, they should be cleared out of the house...!

My blog for today is a bit jumbled up and un-organized, coz I'm still on antibiotics.. and I haven't the faintest idea where to start or how. But don't worry, I will be back in top form soon!

That's all for now.


Blog name - carrot head and applemint

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