Monday, June 18, 2012

My heartfelt thanks

Today, my blog has hit the total page views of 100,000 (whatever that means), thanks to the support of netizens and cybercitizens like you.

It may not mean much to some of you or perhaps 100,000 page views may not really indicate anything much in reality (though I certainly hope someone could enlighten me on what it actually means), but to me, 100,000 does sound rather impressive.. :P

I may not know each and every one of you out there, but your presence to my blog is immensely appreciated, and I do not know how else I am able to express my gratitude and appreciation, except through my blog here.

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Thank you. A million thank you..

You might or might not be pleased to note that till today, I have NOT been actively sourcing for feedback or opinions, due to my work and study. To ensure that we continue to move forward, and having passed this level of 100,000 page views (*wink, wink*), I have decided to embark on a different challenge today.

I will try to engage more on interactive blogging. I would very much appreciate feedbacks, especially comments that could help me improve my blogging efforts, activities, content, topics of highlight that you think I could blog about in future (little topics that touches our soul, our spirit and our human side). 

Do drop me a note or give me an indication which of my blog you have enjoyed reading and how it has touched your life.


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