Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Live life to the fullest

To live life to the fullest, bring a sense of adventure into every moment.

At its core, adventure is the willingness to commit to an uncertain outcome with an open heart and an open mind. Adventure isn't something that's reserved for the extreme athlete or the daredevil. It is an expression of your heart's intention and passion for life. It is about being courageous and passionate in all aspects of your life, work and relationships.

By definition, adventure has an unknown outcome. If something has a predetermined outcome, its' not an adventure but a packaged experience or an amusement ride. Life is uncertain! Being adventurous means seeing that uncertainty as the gift of possibility.

When you approach everything with the spirit of adventure, you infuse your life with vitality and radiance. You find a level of engagement and awareness with everything around you that is deeply satisfying and joyous. Your summits await.

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