Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food for your soul

Went to the pool this afternoon coz ST wanted to swim and the weather was perfect for it. It was scorching hot, and like any other ladies, I sprayed sunscreen all over my body b4 heading out as I decided to just laze and get a shut eye on the shaded deck chair under the hut at the pool side. ST jumped into the pool, the wind was strong (like as if typhoon was abt to hit) and I was enjoying myself there for abt 15 minutes, relaxing, dreaming of the blue sea at Gem Isle, when suddenly I heard someone ruffling thru something beside me.

I opened my eyes, and there he was, ST looking for his towel. Why? Coz the sky was dark, the wind was strong and it started to drizzle. Within 5 minutes after that, it started to pour. Hmmmm..... wasted all my sunscreen which I applied.

Anyway, today I would like to talk about my neighbor. Uncle lives with his son - Dinesh (who only comes home at the wee hours of the night and goes out at a time where no one sees him). He's working in the maintenance dept in a hotel in KL. Being at home alone most of the time, Uncle does all the cooking himself. And each time he prepares his meal and cook them, our whole house will smell of lovely curry. ST has already mentioned a few times, that one of these day, he (ST) is gonna stand in front of Uncle's house with a bowl in his hand and see if Uncle will be kind enough to invite him in for a meal. At the way he cooks, one of these days, Uncle will also find me standing outside his house with a bowl in my hand.. :-D

Maybe we shld talk to Uncle and see if we can convince him that cooking for 2 extra persons is more economical than cooking for just 1. We don't mind paying him our share, he..he.. His cooking is making me crave for Indian beef/mutton curry, yuumm....!!! Miss the food at the Northern Indian restaurant in Subang (near Subang Medical). I think it's called Kashmeer or something.

Anyway, Uncle's cooking is a challenge to mine. And I've only started with just sandwich and spaghetti. Worse of all, Uncle is an old Indian man. I mean, how often do we hear of Indian man cooking at home? It's normally traditionally the women who does the home cooking..

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