Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where is my apron?

Was at Carrefour this afternoon, surveying the variety of food available. I hv been browsing the net for healthy suggestions on lunches and tea breaks, and the variety of choices available simply overwhelms me, for someone who has never really cooked before. There are loads which I can prepare, but lots of planning need to be in place to ensure the food purchased is utilized at max with no wastage, while ensuring I don't end up eating same lunch for a few days consecutively. And of course, there are plentiful of terms/food in the net which I don't seem to understand.

But having done some research & surveyed the varieties available, the thot of preparing my own meals is extremely exciting and thrilling. Now I can understand why some of my friends enjoyed cooking and enjoys the trip to supermarket so much, which was unlike me.

The thot of cooking and buying the basic necessities for cooking overwhelmed me, coz there's basically nothing in my kitchen at this moment, so I'll hv to start from scratch. There's no cooking oil, no pepper and other herbs or seasoning items, no rice, etc, etc. Thank god I still hv all the cooking utensils which I used when we first got married, when I tried my hand at home cooked food, until ST decided to interfere with what and how I cook. So, it's still not so bad, I guess.

Well, good luck to me then! Time to plan out the 3 days menu, just to start off with. A simple one will suffice for the time being.

Exercie up-date : Checked..!!! Met my quota this morning.. :-D

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