Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thinking aloud

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When I decided to join FB and expand my network, I already knew I will be exposing myself to some of the ugly reality of this world.

I saw something today, which is really heart wrenching and the image of what I saw, has been gnawing at me since. After a while, I decided to pen it down here, so as to express my horror and the hurt that I feel for the poor animal. Need to get it out of my chest, so that I can sleep better tonight. A dog was tied up and a stick was shoved into it's mouth to prevent it from barking or making loud noise, just because there were some visits form the government.

A human being, who is also an intelligent animal (as what we are called), when hurt, is able to talk or expresses itself to make known our pain, or is able to protect ourselves to a certain extent. An animal, short of being able to speak or think intelligently, when tortured, is a sight that I simply cannot tolerate.

Call me anything you want, ie. sensitive only to animals, or whatever I don't give a hoot. I admit that I do have a soft spot for animals, but that's becoz I feel that they are more often than not, at the mercy of human beings and our greed and inhuman acts. Such scenes/images REALLY bothers me, as the thought of the poor animal can haunt me every now and then. Much as I would like to shut myself out (so as not to get hurt with such happenings), I am not sure if I am doing the right thing.

Animals exists in this world because they too, are God's creation. They exist for a reason, just like we human beings. What right do we have to treat them in such inhuman way?

I do wonder if at the end of the day, are we ourselves to be blamed for what happens around us, and what can we do to improve such situations.

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